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A Companion to Archaic Greece

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Kurt A. Raaflaub
Blackwell Companions to the Ancient World
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A systematic survey of archaic Greek society and culture whichintroduces the reader to a wide range of new approaches to theperiod.* The first comprehensive and accessible survey of developmentsin the study of archaic Greece
* Places Greek society of c.750-480 BCE in its chronological andgeographical context
* Gives equal emphasis to established topics such as tyranny andpolitical reform and newer subjects like gender and ethnicity
* Combines accounts of historical developments with regionalsurveys of archaeological evidence and in-depth treatments ofselected themes
* Explores the impact of Eastern and other non-Greek cultures inthe development of Greece
* Uses archaeological and literary evidence to reconstruct broadpatterns of social and cultural development
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Notes on Contributors xii

Preface xx

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Maps xxiv

Part I Introduction 1

1 The Historiography of Archaic Greece 3
John K. Davies

2 The Mediterranean World in the Early Iron Age 22
Carol G. Thomas

Part II Histories 41

3 The Early Iron Age 43
Catherine Morgan

4 The Eighth-century Revolution 64
Ian Morris

5 The World of Homer and Hesiod 81
Christoph Ulf

6 The Tyrants 100
Elke Stein-Hölkeskamp

7 Sparta 117
Massimo Nafissi

8 Athens 138
Michael Stahl and Uwe Walter

9 Greeks and Persians 162
Josef Wiesehöfer

Part III Regions 187

10 Attica: A View from the Sea 189
Sanne Houby-Nielsen

11 The Aegean 212
Alexander Mazarakis Ainian and Iphigenia Leventi

12 Laconia and Messenia 239
Nigel Kennell and Nino Luraghi

13 The Peloponnese 255
Thomas Heine Nielsen and James Roy

14 Crete 273
James Whitley

15 Northern Greece 294
Zosia Halina Archibald

16 The Western Mediterranean 314
Carla M. Antonaccio

17 The Black Sea 330
Gocha R. Tsetskhladze

Part IV Themes 347

18 Cities 349
Jan Paul Crielaard

19 Foundations 373
Irad Malkin

20 States 395
Hans-Joachim Gehrke

21 Charismatic Leaders 411
Robert W. Wallace

22 Sanctuaries and Festivals 427
François de Polignac

23 The Economy 444
Hans van Wees

24 Class 468
Peter W. Rose

25 Gender 483
Lin Foxhall

26 The Culture of the Symposion 508
Oswyn Murray

27 The Culture of Competition 524
Nick Fisher

28 Literacy 542
John-Paul Wilson

29 Intellectual Achievements 564
Kurt A. Raaflaub

30 War and International Relations 585
Henk Singor

31 Ethnicity and Cultural Exchange 604
Jonathan M. Hall

Bibliography 618

Indices 713