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Autor: András Sóbester
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Aircraft Aerodynamic Design

Aerospace Series (PEP)
Geometry and Optimization
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Optimal aircraft design is impossible without a parametricrepresentation of the geometry of the airframe. We need amathematical model equipped with a set of controls, or designvariables, which generates different candidate airframe shapes inresponse to changes in the values of these variables. This model'sobjectives are to be flexible and concise, and capable of yieldinga wide range of shapes with a minimum number of design variables.Moreover, the process of converting these variables into aircraftgeometries must be robust. Alas, flexibility, conciseness androbustness can seldom be achieved simultaneously.
Aircraft Aerodynamic Design: Geometry and Optimizationaddresses this problem by navigating the subtle trade-offs betweenthe competing objectives of geometry parameterization. Itbeginswith the fundamentals of geometry-centred aircraft design,followed by a review of the building blocks of computationalgeometries, the curve and surface formulations at the heart ofaircraft geometry. The authors then cover a range of legacyformulations in the build-up towards a discussion of the mostflexible shape models used in aerodynamic design (with a focus onlift generating surfaces). The book takes a practical approach andincludes MATLAB®, Python and Rhinoceros® code, as well as'real-life' example case studies.

Key features:
* Covers effective geometry parameterization within the contextof design optimization
* Demonstrates how geometry parameterization is an importantelement of modern aircraft design
* Includes code and case studies which enable the reader to applyeach theoretical concept either as an aid to understanding or as abuilding block of their own geometry model
* Accompanied by a website hosting codes

Aircraft Aerodynamic Design: Geometry and Optimization isa practical guide for researchers and practitioners in theaerospace industry, and a reference for graduate and undergraduatestudents in aircraft design and multidisciplinary designoptimization.

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Autor: András Sóbester
ISBN-13 :: 9781118534717
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Seiten: 264
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