The Savage Way

The Savage Way
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Successfully Navigating the Waves of Business and Life
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Frank Savage
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Inspiring lessons on business and life from Frank Savage
Frank Savage's is an unlikely success story. Raised insegregated Washington, DC, by his mother, a hairdresser andentrepreneur with little formal education, Savage's career hastaken him around the world as a globetrotting financier. From hisfirst banking job at Citibank to his current position as ChairmanEmeritus of Howard University, The Savage Way shares thelife and business lessons he learned along the way. This memoirrelates the many starts and stops, successes and failures in hislong career, from his involvement in the collapse of Enron, to hisexperience investing in Africa, to his days as a competitiveyachtsman--always guided by the wisdom of the mother whotaught him to transcend all limits.
* A powerful memoir of an inspiring business leader
* Savage is the current Chairman of his alma mater, HowardUniversity, and the CEO of the global financial services companySavage Holdings LLC

A rare and inspiring story of personal and professionalchallenge and ultimate triumph, The Savage Way is a memoirthat offers powerful inspiration and wisdom for tomorrow's businessleaders.
Foreword ix

Prologue 1

Chapter 1 Too Much Money 9

Chapter 2 Getting In, Struggling Out, Getting Right 35

Chapter 3 La Savage, the Source and Inspiration 69

Chapter 4 The Journey to True Origins 99

Chapter 5 My Journey Deepens 127

Chapter 6 The Longer Road Home 147

Chapter 7 Africa Calls Once Again . . . 167

Chapter 8 Walking Over a Bridge Not Burned 203

Chapter 9 Sailing Lolita, Pulling It All Together 227

Epilogue 255

Lolita Racing Record 259

Acknowledgments 263

Index 265

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