The Wiley Handbook on The Cognitive Neuroscience of Memory

The Wiley Handbook on The Cognitive Neuroscience of Memory
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Donna Rose Addis
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The Wiley Handbook on the Cognitive Neuroscience ofMemory presents a comprehensive overview of the latest,cutting-edge neuroscience research being done relating to the studyof human memory and cognition.

* Features the analysis of original data using cutting edgemethods in cognitive neuroscience research
* Presents a conceptually accessible discussion of human memoryresearch
* Includes contributions from authors that represent a"who's who" of human memory neuroscientists fromthe U.S. and abroad
* Supplemented with a variety of excellent and accessiblediagrams to enhance comprehension
About the Editors vii

About the Contributors viii

Preface xv

1 What We Have Learned about Memory from Neuroimaging 1
Andrea Greve and Richard Henson

2 Activation and Information in Working Memory Research 21
Bradley R. Postle

3 The Outer Limits of Implicit Memory 44
Anthony J. Ryals and Joel L. Voss

4 The Neural Bases of Conceptual Knowledge: Revisiting a Golden Age Hypothesis in the Era of Cognitive Neuroscience 60
Timothy T. Rogers and Christopher R. Cox

5 Encoding and Retrieval in Episodic Memory: Insights from fMRI 84
Michael D. Rugg, Jeffrey D. Johnson, and Melina R. Uncapher

6 Medial Temporal Lobe Subregional Function in Human Episodic Memory: Insights from High?]Resolution fMRI 108
Jackson C. Liang and Alison R. Preston

7 Memory Retrieval and the Functional Organization of Frontal Cortex 131
Erika Nyhus and David Badre

8 Functional Neuroimaging of False Memories 150
Nancy A. Dennis, Caitlin R. Bowman, and Indira C. Turney

9 Déjà Vu: A Window into Understanding the Cognitive Neuroscience of Familiarity 172
Chris B. Martin, Chris M. Fiacconi, and Stefan Köhler

10 Medial Temporal Lobe Contributions to Memory and Perception: Evidence from Amnesia 190
Danielle Douglas and Andy Lee

11 The Memory Function of Sleep: How the Sleeping Brain Promotes Learning 218
Alexis M. Chambers and Jessica D. Payne

12 Memory Reconsolidation 244
Almut Hupbach, Rebecca Gomez, and Lynn Nadel

13 Neural Correlates of Autobiographical Memory: Methodological Considerations 265
Peggy L. St. Jacques and Felipe De Brigard

14 Contributions of Episodic Memory to Imagining the Future 287
Victoria C. McLelland, Daniel L. Schacter, and Donna Rose Addis

15 Episodic Memory Across the Lifespan: General Trajectories and Modifiers 309
Yana Fandakova, Ulman Lindenberger, and Yee Lee Shing

16 The Development of Episodic Memory: Evidence from Event?]Related Potentials 326
Axel Mecklinger, Volker Sprondel, and Kerstin H. Kipp

17 Episodic Memory in Healthy Older Adults: The Role of Prefrontal and Parietal Cortices 347
M. Natasha Rajah, David Maillet, and Cheryl L. Grady

18 Relational Memory and its Relevance to Aging 371
Kelly S. Giovanello and Ilana T. Z. Dew

19 Memory for Emotional and Social Information in Adulthood and Old Age 393
Elizabeth A. Kensinger and Angela Gutchess

20 Episodic Memory in Neurodegenerative Disorders: Past, Present, and Future 415
Muireann Irish and Michael Hornberger

21 Memory Rehabilitation in Neurological Patients 434
Laurie A. Miller and Kylie A. Radford

Index 453

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