Six Steps to Superwomandom
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Six Steps to Superwomandom

Inspiration for Today's Woman
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Margaret Lomas
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Superwomandom is not about being in the right place at the right time. It is about making every time and place that you are in right for you.Do you often feel that everyday life gets on top of you? In between work, the shopping, paying the bills, giving time to friends and family, maintaining a tidy house and workplace, and all the other things that take up the day, do you have trouble making time for yourself? Do you find it difficult to stay organised, no matter how hard you try?Margaret Lomas? uplifting view on life will give you the boost you need. Following the Six Steps to Superwomandom will help you to:* organise your home and work life* look and feel like a superwoman* improve all of your relationships* take control of your finances* make the most of your time* have a positive outlook on life.So take time out of your busy day, sit down for a few minutes and have a read. You can start down the path of superwomandom today.
Introduction 5
1. Get Organised! 11

2. Look Like a Superwoman 31

3. Feel Like a Superwoman 45

4. Build Positive Relationships 61

5. Change Those Negative Mind Patterns 81

6. Control Your Finances 95

Coping with Superwomandom 107