Communication in the Workplace
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Communication in the Workplace

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Baden Eunson
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Communication in the Workplace is a revealing snapshot ofhow organisations really work. In workplaces throughout Australiaand across the planet, billions of messages are sent in variousforms every day, but not all of them get though. Of those that do,may are misunderstood, Communication breakdown is just as common ascommunication effectiveness, but it doesn't have to be thatway.
Become a more effective communicator by finding out how messagescan be sent -- and distorted -- by differing channels,including:
* memos
* emails
* meetings
* teleconferencing
* instant messaging

Expert communicator Baden Eunson shares insights about theinformal organisation, networking, how to know when messages arebeing lost due to cultures of silence, silos or empires (and whatto do about it), and explains how knowledge management can help youget your message across.
Preface v

Introduction ix

1 Communication or communications? 1

2 How communication works, and how it breaks down -- amodel 13

3 Communication -- effectiveness and ethics 41

4 The formal organisation -- how it works, and how it fails49

5 Networks, virtual organisations and networking 71

6 The informal organisation -- I heard it through thegrapevine 89

7 Organisational culture, silence and managing knowledge 97

Conclusion 119

Notes 121

Glossary 139

Index 145