Scores on the Board
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Scores on the Board

The 5-Part System for Building Skills, Teams and Businesses
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Bill Lang
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JIMMY IS UNEMPLOYED AND DIRECTIONLESS, and has been ropedinto coaching the local junior soccer team. Peter is a strugglingsmall businessman, trying to grow his business and find time forhis family. Newly single soccer mum Elizabeth is looking for a wayto stay at home, earn an income and still have time to raise herson. David is a career high-flyer on the verge of crashing andburning; his approach to leadership has put his career underthreat, and makes him a poor role model for his son.
Scores on the Board brings together these engagingcharacters through the journey of an under 11s soccer team --the Southside Vikings. Using the 5-part Scores on theBoard system, Jimmy transforms the Vikings fromthe easybeats of the competition into an enthusiastic and committedteam of rapidly improving players. Along the way, Jimmy and parentsPeter, Elizabeth and David also learn how to transform theircareers and perspectives on life.

Incorporating the latest research from Harvard Business School,the field of neuroscience and practices from some of the world'smost successful professional sports and business teams, Scores onthe Board is a simple, effective system that deliversdramatic results when applied to pursuing goals in personaldevelopment, team-building or business management.

This fast-paced, entertaining story will have you cheering forthe Southside Vikings and their inspiring vision of what it meansto be a winner -- regardless of what the scoreboard says. Withthis game plan, Scores on the Board may be thebest investment you ever make.
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1 Identifying the problem.

2 The power of vision.

3 Setting goals.

4 Identifying the gaps.

5 Using feedback to analyse gaps.

6 Lights, camera, ACTION!

7 From action plans to actions.

8 The voice within, the courage to change.

Appendix A: our characters' journeys.

Appendix B: building a skill using Scores on theBoard(TM).

Appendix C: building a team using Scores on theBoard(TM).

Appendix D: building a business using Scores on theBoard(TM).

Appendix E: building a home-based business using Scores onthe Board(TM).

Appendix F: useful websites.