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Waking the Giant

Revitalising the Mature Brand
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Peter Steidl
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Brand maturity is not inevitable.
Waking the Giant challenges current thinking and practicewhen it comes to achieving growth with mature brands.

This book convincingly demonstrates that the challenge ofrevitalising a mature brand is just as exciting -- andrequires just as much ingenuity and innovation -- as launching anew brand.

While major mature brands still dominate many categories,margins and growth opportunities are often less than exciting. Thecritical question is: milk the brand, or revitalise? And, just asimportant: is your organisation fully committed to, and able todeliver on, your chosen strategy?

Inside you'll discover:
* the merits of revitalisation and milkingstrategies, and how to choose between them
* how to renew positive differentiation for amature brand
* how to implement a revitalisation strategy andeliminate outdated work practices that could ruin your plan
* how to align your revitalisation strategy withthe consumers' and industry sector's evolutionary trends.


Part I: making the commitment.

1 Before we start, is it really worth the effort?

2 Abolish work practices that cause maturity.

3 Adopt new work practices.

4 Move from expert to intuitive strategy.

Part II: revitalisation strategies.

5 Deliver delights.

6 Throw your master brand into battle.

7 Brand vision archetypes.

8 Use symbolism.

9 Move from exposure to engagement.

10 Don't engage in channel-neutral planning.

11 Change the rules of competition.

Part III: selecting the strategy that's rightfor you.

12 Is your brand revitalisation strategy aligned with theindustry's evolutionary path?

13 Is your brand revitalisation strategy aligned with theconsumer's evolution?

14 Is your brand revitalisation strategy changing the brandconstruct in the consumer's mind?

Epilogue: just do it!

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