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The Creative Edge

17 Biographies of Cultural Icons
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Brent D. Taylor
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Discover the x-factor--the driving force behindextraordinary success.
What accounts for the difference between the mega-success ofMadonna and a thousand other wannabees waiting in the wings? Whydid JK Rowling succeed where so many others aspiring writers havefailed? And what was it about the slightly neurotic and mediocreschoolboy Sigmund Freud that ensured his position as one of themost brilliant and original thinkers in history?

In this engrossing new book, Taylor builds on his theory thatfeeling like an 'outsider' from an early age, whetherconsciously or subconsciously not fitting into the norm, creates anedge that can drive outstanding success in later life. To this corephilosophy Taylor adds a new ingredient: that of creativity, and heexplores the interplay of these two factors--a lack ofbelonging and creativity--in the lives of a sparkling cast ofindividuals. Go beyond the glitz and glamour to discover howcreative energy, harnessed to produce lives and works ofextraordinary genius, can often exist against a backdrop ofpersonal struggle and despair.

From childhood outsider to adult icon, understand the journeyof the following celebrities:
Brad Pitt * Elvis Presley * Frieda Kahlo * WaltDisney * Sigmund Freud * Albert Einstein * AndyWarhol * Coco Chanel * David Beckham * Dan Brown* John Lennon * Sir Edmund Hillary * JK Rowling* Angelina Jolie * Tiger Woods * Amelia Earhart* Madonna

Part One: The Cultural Icons.

1. Elvis Presley - Kinky King of Rock 'n' roll.

2. John Lennon - Troubled but Brilliant Beatle.

3. Madonna - Exhibitionist Pop Diva.

4. Angelina Jolie - Down-to-Earth Sex Goddess.

5. Brad Pitt - Celluloid Chick Magnet.

6. JK Rowling - Spellbinding Storyteller.

7. Dan Brown - Cloak-and-Dagger Heretic.

8. Andy Warhol - Eccentric Art Phenomenon.

9. Frida Kahlo - Flamboyantly Tragic Artist.

10. Albert Einstein - Physicist Who Escaped to the Cosmos.

11. Sigmund Freud - Psychoanalyst Trapped by His Own OedipalComplex.

12. Walt Disney - Tyrannical Nostalgia Mogul.

13. Coco Chanel - Fashion Liberator.

14. Amelia Earhart - Accident-Prone Aviatrix.

15. Edmund Hillary - Everest's Unexpected Conqueror.

16. Tiger Woods- Self-Programmed Golf Wizard.

17. David Beckham - Fastidious Football Star.

Part Two: Insights.

18. The Common Factors.

19. What are Outsiders?

20. Outsiders are Made Early.

21. Intelligence and Other Advantages.

22. Creative Edge.

23. Inventing Their Own Lives.

24. Creative or Crazy?

25. Paying the Piper.

26. Ten Tips for Aspiring Cultural Icons.


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