Concise Guide to Value Investing
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Concise Guide to Value Investing

How to Buy Wonderful Companies at a Fair Price
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Brian McNiven
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The business performance creates the value -- the price createsthe OPPORTUNITY.
No-one likes to pay too much for something. We all like to thingthat what we buy is ' good value'. It's not different when wepurchase a share in company listed on the stock market.

In the Concise Guide to Value Investing, Brian McNivenreveals how to calculate the true value of a company to find outwhether you are paying a fair price. This fascinating bookexplores:
* value investing versus speculation
* the difference between price and value
* variable values of a dollar of earnings
* accounting misrepresentation
* the characteristics of a wonderful business
* the StockVal¯® valuation formula.

Two of the world's most successful investors, Warren Buffett andCharlie Munger, are self-confessed value investors. McNiven oftendraws on their wisdom to support his approach to valueinvesting,which he defines as buying a share at a price lower thanits calculated value. Only investors who have the ability tocalculate value can call themselves 'value investors'.

1. What is value investing?

2. Dividend huggers.

3. Price and Value.

4. Portfolio diversification.

5. Variable values of a dollar of earnings.

6. Stock valuation.

7. Accounting misrepresentation.

8. Characteristics of a wonderful business.

9. Sustainability of business performance.

10. Growth, acquisitions and buybacks.

11. Evaluating corporate management.

12. Economic impact of interest rates.

13. Financial fundamentals.

14. When to sell.

15. Strategies and considerations.

List of abbreviations.


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