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Everything You Need to Know (But Forget to Ask) When Buying or Selling Property

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Mary Smits
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When it comes to buying and selling real estate, knowledge is power-- and this book lets you in on the secrets. Everything You Needto Know (But Forget to Ask) When Buying or Selling Property isa concise, authoritative guide. In plain, simple language, realestate agent Mary Smits looks at the many issues that confront bothbuyers and sellers, including:* choosing a home or investment property wisely
* negotiating to save money
* understanding the paperwork
* dealing with and choosing real estate agents
* preparing to sell your property
* moving home.

Mary explains how to search for property on the internet andprovides tips to help you use buying and selling tactics to youradvantage and avoid potential traps. The book features useful checklists to take with you to inspections, along with sound, practicaladvice.
Preface ix

Part I Buying the right property

Chapter 1 Caveat emptor! Let the buyer beware 3

Chapter 2 Preparation: before you leave home 13

Chapter 3 Working out your fi nances 23

Chapter 4 Searching the internet 31

Chapter 5 House inspections: check list 37

Chapter 6 Buying investment property 47

Chapter 7 Saving money: how to negotiate 67

Chapter 8 Understanding the paperwork 89

Chapter 9 Certifi cate of title explained 111

Part II Selling at the right price

Chapter 10 Choosing an agent 123

Chapter 11 Different methods of sale 135

Chapter 12 Preparing your home for sale 149

Chapter 13 The agency agreement 161

Chapter 14 Moving house: planning and check lists 183

Real estate glossary 189

Index 193