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Invest My Way

The Business of Making Money on the Australian Share Market with Blue Chip Shares
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Alan Hull
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The definitive guide to buying blue chip shares on theAustralian stock market
Designed for DIY investors looking for simple, practical, lowrisk strategies for managing their blue chip shares, Invest MyWay: The Business of Making Money on the Australian Share Marketwith Blue Chip Shares is perfect for anyone interested ineither trading or investing long term in Australian blue chipshares. Written by respected trader and market educator Alan Hull,the book provides readers with a unique, holistic investingstrategy for managing blue chip shares to optimize both capitalgrowth and income (dividends).

Beginning with basic coverage of managing blue chip shares, thebook also includes invaluable information on managing portfolios aswell as offering advice on when to buy, sell, and accumulatestocks. In-depth and comprehensive, Invest My Way is thelatest instalment in Hull's collection of investmenttexts--including Active Investing and Trade MyWay--which, taken together, provide readers with acomplete stock market solution.
* Presents a unique new strategy for making money with blue chipstocks
* Author Alan Hull is a respected, well-known trading andinvesting expert
* Walks readers through the entire blue chip investing process,including building portfolios with maximum capital growth andreturns
* The third instalment in Hull's complete guide to making moneyin the stock market, following in the footsteps of ActiveInvesting and Trade My Way

Essential reading for casual investors, including baby boomers,retirees, SMSF trustees, and anyone else interested in trading orinvesting long term in Australian blue chip shares.
Acknowledgments ix

About the author xi

Preface xiii

Part I: The business of investing in blue chip shares1

1. What is an investor? 3

2. Managing financial products 17

Part II: Managing a blue chip share growth portfolio31

3. Introduction to growth shares 33

4. Rules for entering the market 51

5. Rules for exiting the market 67

6. Let's take a test drive (by Simon Sherwood) 81

Part III: Managing a blue chip share income portfolio101

7. Instruction to income shares 103

8. Fundamental analysis (by Martin Roth) 115

9. Searching for income shares 131

10. Managing income shares 143

Part IV: Timing in the market 155

11. Instruction to market cycles 157

12. Financial markets as complex adaptive systems 171

13. Using the right tactics at the right time 195

14. Plan to take action 219

Appendix: Blue Chip Report 10-year simulation results227

Recommended further reading 239

Index 241