Your Property Success with Renovation
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Your Property Success with Renovation

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Jane Slack-Smith
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The ultimate guide to investing in property...and making amillion!
Everyone's looking to get rich, and a lot of those people arelooking at investing in property as the way to get there. But watchout--making money in real estate isn't always as easy as itmight look. At least, not without Your Property Success withRenovation in hand, that is. Written by Jane Slack-Smith, atrue investment guru who's put together her own multi-milliondollar property portfolio, this is the ultimate guide to making thehousing market work for you.

Loaded with no-nonsense advice to help you avoid the traps thatso many would-be real estate investors fall into, Your PropertySuccess with Renovation introduces a unique three-pronged,low-risk investing strategy. Rather than focusing on fast money,the book encourages a low-risk plan--find an area with aboveaverage capital growth, buy below market value, and build valuethrough renovation--that will help you build a strong,profitable real estate portfolio.
* Introduces "The Trident," a new way of approaching investing inreal estate that focuses on low-risks and high rewards, not fastmoney
* Written by real estate portfolio expert Jane Slack-Smith, whotransformed an initial investment of $45k into a multi-milliondollar fortune using the techniques outlined in this book
* Shows you how to get the most out of the real estate market byemphasizing the value of property renovation

With just two investment properties and one renovation theaverage Australian can put a million dollars in the bank withinfifteen years, and mortgage broker Jane Slack-Smith is here to showyou how.
About the author vii

Acknowledgements ix

My story xi

Introduction xix

Part I: The foundations 1

1 Knowing what you want 3

2 Establishing your goals 11

3 Assessing your finances 19

4 Understanding your risk profile 27

5 Developing your property investing strategy 33

6 The Trident Strategy: minimising risk 43

7 Setting your buying criteria 55

Part II: The purchasing process 63

8 Funding your purchase 65

9 Getting your loan approved 75

10 Locating a property 87

11 Knowing your demographics 101

12 Hitting the streets 109

13 Finding a renovator's dream 115

14 Purchasing your property 131

15 The buying process 143

Part III: Renovating 149

16 Renovating for prosperity 151

17 Costing your renovation 157

18 My tips, mistakes and recommendations 165

19 Organising the renovation 177

20 Review, repair, repent and replicate 187

21 My renovation examples 197

22 Bringing it all together 213

Glossary 221

Index 227

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