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Contract Negotiation Handbook

Getting the Most Out of Commercial Deals
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Damian Ward
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A good commercial contract is both a springboard and a safety net-- it provides the opportunity to expand and grow your business,but also to protect it if things go wrong. In a tough commercialworld, getting the best deal you can is paramount.
The Contract Negotiation Handbook demystifies complexlegal principles so that busy businesspeople can quickly and easilydigest them. With clear, practical examples and case studies tohelp illustrate and explain different types of contracts andcontractual situations, this comprehensive handbook will helpyou:
* prepare for negotiations and identify contractual terms
* make sure you have covered the 'springboard and thesafety net' -- combining the appealing and less appealing aspectsof contracts
* identify the type of negotiator that your counter party is andhow that affects your negotiations
* develop an overview of contract law
* devise a negotiation strategy
* identify whether you are in a contractual dispute
* prepare for and acquire the best result out of any contractualdispute.
About the author v

Introduction vii

Part I -- The contractual environment

1 Springboard and safety net 3

2 Contracts -- what are they? 13

Part II -- Doing the deal

3 Preparing to do the deal 69

4 Negotiating -- doing the deal 91

5 Terms of contracts to keep an eye on 100

6 Traps for the seller -- pitfalls in negotiations 130

7 The telltale signs of the overseller -- buyer beware147

8 The 'red zones' 159

Part III -- The relationship ends

9 In the contract 167

10 What happens if the contract is breached? 179

11 All good things come to an end -- termination ofcontracts 190

12 Things ended badly -- how you know you are in a dispute194

13 Making peace early 217

14 Getting help to fi x the problem -- but the warringparties decide 223

15 Getting help to fi x the problem -- someone else decides234

16 Preparing for battle -- getting ready for the hearing244

17 Preparing the case for hearing 247

18 In summing up 270

Appendix: The cheat sheet 272

Glossary 275

Index 279