Fish’s Clinical Psychopathology

Signs and Symptoms in Psychiatry
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Patricia Casey
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Casey, PatriciaPatricia Casey is Professor Emeritus of Psychiatry at University College Dublin and Consultant Psychiatrist at Mater Misericordiae University Hospital, Dublin, Ireland. She is Visiting Professor at St Mary's University, London, and Editor of BJPsych Advances for the Royal College of Psychiatrists. She has authored more than 120 peer-reviewed papers and 12 books.

Kelly, Brendan
Brendan Kelly is Professor of Psychiatry at Trinity College Dublin and Consultant Psychiatrist at Tallaght University Hospital, Dublin, Ireland. He has written more than 250 peer-reviewed publications and his most recent books include Dignity, Mental Health and Human Rights (2015) and Mental Illness, Human Rights and the Law (2016).
Psychopathology lies at the centre of effective psychiatric practice and mental health care, and Fish's Clinical Psychopathology has shaped the training and clinical practice of psychiatrists for over fifty years. The fourth edition of this modern classic presents the clinical descriptions and psychopathological insights of Fish's to a new generation of students and practitioners. It includes recent revisions of diagnostic classification systems, as well as new chapters that consider the controversies of classifying psychiatric disorder and the fundamental role and uses of psychopathology. Clear and readable, it provides concise descriptions of the signs and symptoms of mental illness and astute accounts of the varied manifestations of disordered psychological function, and is designed for use in clinical practice. An essential text for students of medicine, trainees in psychiatry and practising psychiatrists, it will also be useful to psychiatric nurses, mental health social workers and clinical psychologists.
A clear and concise guide to help recognise the signs and symptoms of psychiatric illness in clinical care.
1. Classification of psychiatric disorders; 2. What is psychopathology? Controversies in classifying psychiatric disorder; 3. Disorders of perception; 4. Disorders of thought and speech; 5. Disorders of memory; 6. Disorders of emotion; 7. Disorders of the experience of self; 8. Motor disorders; 9. Disorders of consciousness; 10. Personality disorders.