Practical Healthcare Epidemiology
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Practical Healthcare Epidemiology

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Ebbing Lautenbach
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A clear, hands-on outline of best practices for infection prevention that directly improve patient outcomes across the healthcare continuum.
Preface: an introduction to practical hospital epidemiology Ebbing Lautenbach, Preeti N. Malani, Jennifer H. Han, Jonas Marschall, Emily K. Shuman and Keith Woeltje; Part I. Getting Started: 1. Ethical aspects of infection prevention Loreen A. Herwaldt and Lauris C. Kaldjian; 2. The infection control committee David A. Pegues; 3. Product evaluation David A. Pegues; 4. The business case for healthcare epidemiology and antimicrobial stewardship Eli N. Perencevich; 5. Quality improvement in healthcare epidemiology Mohamad G. Fakih, Susan MacArthur and Louise-Marie Dembry; Part II. Infection Prevention Basics: 6. Epidemiogic methods in infection control Jeffrey S Gerber; 7. Isolation Daniel J. Morgan and Gonzalo M. L. Bearman; 8. Disinfection and sterilization in health-care facilities William A. Rutala and David J. Weber; 9. Improving hand hygiene in healthcare settings Katherine D. Ellingson and Janet P. Haas; 10. Basics of surveillance - an overview (also discuss electronic) Kathleen A. Gase; 11. Outbreak investigations Alison Laufer Halpin, Alice Y. Guh and Alexander J. Kallen; Part III. Major HAI Categories - Surveillance and Prevention: 12. Urinary tract infection Emily K. Shuman; 13. Ventilator-associated events Michael Klompas; 14. Basics of surgical site infection. Surveillance and prevention Deverick J. Anderson and Trish M. Perl; 15. Surveillance and prevention of infections associated with vascular catheters Walter Zingg and Jonas Marschall; Part IV. Antimicrobial Resistant Organisms: 16. Control of gram-positive multidrug-resistant pathogens Trevor C. Van Schooneveld and Mark E. Rupp; 17. Control of gram-negative multidrug-resistant pathogens Pranita Tamma; 18. Clostridium difficile infection Erik Dubberke and Jennifer Kwon; 19. Antimicrobial stewardship Sharon Tsay and Keith Hamilton; Part V. Special Settings: 20. Infection prevention in resource-limited settings Jennifer Han and Nimalie Stone; 21. Infection prevention in the outpatient setting Sarah S. Lewis and Rebekah W. Moehring; 22. Infection control with limited resources Anucha Apisarnthanarak and Virgina Roth; Part VI. Special Topics: 23. The role of the laboratory in prevention of healthcare associated infections Michael A. Pfaller and Daniel J. Diekema; 24. Biological disasters Sandro Cinti and Eden Wells; 25. Exposure workups David Banach, Hilary Babcock and Louise-Marie Dembry; 26. Employee health and infection control Tara N. Palmore and David K. Henderson; 27. Tuberculosis infection control in healthcare settings Henry M. Blumberg; 28. Patient safety Darren R. Linkin and P. J. Brennan; 29. Infection prevention in design, renovation, and construction Loie Ruhl Couch, Loreen A. Herwaldt and Linda L. Dickey; 30. Regulatory issues Steve Weber and Pranavi Sreeramoju.

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