Mabberley's Plant-Book
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Mabberley's Plant-Book

A Portable Dictionary of Plants, their Classification and Uses
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David J. Mabberley
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Mabberley, David J.David J. Mabberley is an Emeritus Fellow of Wadham College, University of Oxford. He was consecutively Director of the University of Washington Botanic Gardens, Seattle; Keeper of the Herbarium, Library, Art and Archives, Royal Botanic Gardens Kew, London; and Executive Director of the Royal Botanic Gardens, Sydney. He is Professor Extraordinary at Universiteit Leiden, The Netherlands; Adjunct Professor, Macquarie University Sydney; and Honorary Research Associate, National Herbarium of New South Wales, Sydney. He has received numerous awards for his work, including the Burbidge Medal 'for services to Australian plant systematics' from the Australian Systematic Botany Society (2003); the Cuatrecasas Medal 'for excellence in tropical botany' from the Smithsonian Institution (2004); the Peter H. Raven Award 'for exceptional contributions to scientific outreach' from the American Society of Plant Taxonomists (2004); the Linnean Medal for Botany from the Linnean Society of London (2006); and the Robert Allerton Award for Excellence in Tropical Botany from the National Tropical Botanical Garden (2011). He was also honoured with a Fellowship of the Indian Botanical Society in 2015.
Mabberley's Plant-book is internationally accepted as an essential reference text for anyone studying, growing or writing about plants. With some 26,000 entries, this comprehensive dictionary provides information on every family and genus of seed-bearing plant (including conifers), plus ferns and clubmosses, besides economically important mosses and algae. The book combines taxonomic details and uses with English and other vernacular names found in commerce. The third edition was recognised in the American Botanical Council's annual James A. Duke Excellence in Botanical Literature Award for 2008 and the International Association for Plant Taxonomy's Engler Medal in Silver for 2009. In this new edition, each entry has been updated to take into consideration the most recent literature, notably the greater understanding resulting from molecular analyses; over 1400 additional entries (including ecologically and economically important genera of seaweeds) have been included, ensuring that Mabberley's Plant-book continues to rank among the most practical and authoritative botanical texts available.
With 1400 additional entries, this fully updated edition is a comprehensive reference for anyone studying, growing or writing about plants.
Introduction; How to use this book and get most out of it; The dictionary; Appendix: system for arrangement of extant vascular plants; Acknowledgement of sources: 1. Floras and handbooks, websites; 2. Periodicals; Abbreviations and symbols (used in this book): 1. General; 2. Authors' names; New names used in this book.

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