Core Topics in Preoperative Anaesthetic Assessment and Management
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Core Topics in Preoperative Anaesthetic Assessment and Management

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A. Agatha Crerar-Gilbert
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A practical guide to pre-operative management planning for trainee and consultant anaesthetists.
1. Ischaemic Heart Disease Abhiram Prasad; 2. Hypertension Tarek Francis Antonios; 3. Cardiac Arrhythmias Mark M. Gallagher and Hanney Gonna; 4. Heart failure Kristopher Knott and Nesan Shanmugan; 5A. Cardiac investigations: echocardiography Sohaib Nazir and Rajan Sharma; 5B. Cardiac investigations: myocardial perfusion imaging Vineet Prakash; 5C. Cardiac investigations: cardiac magnetic resonance Robin Ray and Bashar Ibrahim; 5D. Cardiac investigations: computed tomography angiography Vineet Prakash; 5E. Cardiac investigations: comparison of cardiac functional tests and imaging Tarun Mittal and Aigul Baltabaeva; 6. Respiratory Disease Shruti Konda, Michele Ramsay and Brendan P. Madden; 7. Difficult airway prediction Fauzia Mir and A. Agatha Crerar-Gilbert; 8. Renal Disease Iain A. M. MacPhee; 9. Neurological disease Doris Doberenz, Marcela Vizcaychipi, Nives Dorronsoro and Anthony Perreira; 10. Hepatobiliary disease Anish Gupta and Charl Jooste; 11. Neuromuscular disease Enjarn Lin and Stuart Hastings; 12. Connective tissue Disease Enjarn Lin and Stuart Hastings; 13. Immunocompromised patients Enjarn Lin and Stuart Hastings; 14. Frailty David J. H. Shipway and Lucy A. Nolan; 15. Haematology Ying Ying Peng and James Uprichard; 16. Biochemistry Laura Tooth and Paul Collinson; 17. Endocrine Disease Grainne Nicholson and George M. Hall; 18. Bariatric patients Justin A. Burke; 19. Chronic pain and addiction Fernando Salazar; 20. Obstetric Patients Roisin Monteiro, Richard George and Steve Yentis; 21. Herbal medications A. Agatha Crerar-Gilbert; 22. Anaphylaxis A. Agatha Crerar-Gilbert; 23. Legal considerations A. Agatha Crerar-Gilbert; 24. Predicting operative risk Jignasa Modha, Ramai Santhirapala and S. Ramani Moonesinghe; 25. Challenges of setting up preoperative service Robert Hill and Jane Jackson.

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