Multilingual Youth Practices in Computer Mediated             Communication
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Multilingual Youth Practices in Computer Mediated Communication

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Cecelia Cutler
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235x157x19 mm

Explores how global youth push the boundaries of standard language and exploit the potential of their multilingual repertoires online
1 Multilingualism in the digital sphere: the diverse practices of youth online Cecelia Cutler and Unn Royneland; 2 Alienated at home: the role of online media as young Orthodox Muslim women beat a retreat from Marseille Cecile Evers; 3 Cool mobilities: youth style and mobile telephony in contemporary South Africa Zannie Bock, Nausheena Dalwai and Christopher Stroud; 4 Nuancing the jaxase: young and urban texting in Senegal Kristin Vold Lexander; 5 Peaze up! Adaptation, innovation, and variation in German hip hop discourse Matt Garley; 6 Tsotsitaal online: the creativity of tradition Ana Deumert; 7 'Pink chess gring gous': discursive and orthographic resistance among Mexican-American rap fans on YouTube Cecelia Cutler; 8 Virtually Norwegian: negotiating language and identity on YouTube Unn Royneland; 9 Footing and role alignment online: mediatized indigeneity and Andean hip hop Karl Swinehart; 10 The language of diasporic blogs: a framework for the study of rhetoricity in written online code-switching Lars Hinrichs; 11 The Korean wave, K-pop fandom, and multilingual microblogging Jamie Shinhee Lee

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