The Cambridge History of Capitalism 2 Volume Hardback Set
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The Cambridge History of Capitalism 2 Volume Hardback Set

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Larry Neal
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The Cambridge History of Capitalism is a comprehensive two-volume work that provides an authoritative account of the evolution of capitalism and its spread and impact across the world. Adopting a wide geographical coverage and strong comparative perspective, an international team of leading scholars delve deep into the historical roots of capitalism and provide a definitive reference on the global development of capitalism and the varieties of responses to it. Volume I traces the rise of capitalism from distant origins in ancient Babylon to modern times, determining what features of modern capitalism were present at each time and place, and why the various precursors of capitalism did not survive. Volume II explores the global consequences that capitalism has had for industry, agriculture and trade, along with the reactions by governments, firms and markets. These groundbreaking volumes will have widespread appeal amongst historians, economists and political scientists.
The Cambridge History of Capitalism delves deep into the historical roots of capitalism to provide a detailed account of its rise, spread and impact across the world. With contributions from an international team of leading scholars, this two-volume work is a definitive reference on the global history of capitalism.
Volume I: 1. Introduction Larry Neal; 2. Babylonia in the first millennium BC - economic growth in times of empire Michael Jursa; 3. Capitalism and the ancient Greek economy Alain Bresson; 4. Re-constructing the Roman economy Willem M. Jongman; 5. Trans-Asian trade, or the Silk Road deconstructed (Antiquity, Middle Ages) Étienne de la Vaissière; 6. China before capitalism R. Bin Wong; 7. Capitalism in India in the very long run Tirthankar Roy; 8. Institutional change and economic development in the Middle East, 700-1800 Sevket Pamuk; 9. Markets and coercion in medieval Europe Karl Gunnar Persson; 10. The Via Italiana to capitalism Luciano Pezzolo; 11. The Low Countries Oscar Gelderblom and Joost Jonker; 12. The formation of states and transitions to modern economies: England, Europe and Asia compared Patrick Karl O'Brien; 13. Pre-Columbian and Iberian America Richard Salvucci; 14. The emergence of African capitalism Morten Jerven; 15. Native Americans and exchange: strategies and interactions before 1800 Ann M. Carlos and Frank D. Lewis; 16. British and European industrialization C. Knick Harley; 17. America: capitalism's promised land Jeremy Atack; 18. The political economy of rising capitalism José Luís Cardoso; Index. Volume II: 1. Introduction: the spread of and resistance to global capitalism Kevin H. O'Rourke and Jeffrey G. Williamson; 2. The spread of manufacturing Robert C. Allen; 3. Growth, specialization and organization of world agriculture Giovanni Federico; 4. Technology and the spread of capitalism Kristine Bruland and David C. Mowery; 5. Spread of legal innovations defining private and public domains Ron Harris; 6. Firms and global capitalism Geoffrey Jones; 7. Enterprise models: freestanding firms versus family pyramids Randall Morck and Bernard Yeung; 8. Financial capitalism Ranald Michie; 9. International capital movements and the global order Harold James; 11. Capitalism at war Mark Harrison; 12. Modern capitalism: enthusiasts, opponents, and reformers Jeffry Frieden and Ronald Rogowski; 13. Labor movements Michael Huberman; 14. 'Private welfare and the welfare state' Peter H. Lindert; 15. Capitalism and human welfare Leandro Prados de la Escosura; 16. The future of capitalism Larry Neal and Jeffrey G. Williamson; Index.

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