Referendums and the European Union
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Referendums and the European Union

A Comparative Inquiry
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Fernando Mendez
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Fernando Mendez is a Senior Researcher at the Centre for Research on Direct Democracy at the University of Zurich.
Why have referendums on European integration proliferated since the 1970s? How are referendums accommodated within member states' constitutional orders and with what impact on the European integration process? What is the likely institutional impact of referendums on the future of the European integration process? Drawing on an interdisciplinary approach, these are just some of the fundamental questions addressed in this book. The central thesis is that the EU is faced with a 'direct democratic dilemma', which is compounded by the EU's rigid constitutional structure and a growing politicisation of the referendum device on matters related to European integration. Referendums and the European Union discusses how this dilemma has emerged to impact on the course of integration and how it can be addressed.
How can we account for the rise and diffusion of referendums on European integration? And what is their likely institutional impact on the future of the European integration process? In addressing these questions, Referendums and the European Union puts forward institutional models for overcoming the EU's referendum dilemma.
1. Direct democracy, referendums, and European integration: a conceptual framework; 2. Constitutionally accommodating European integration: the role and impact of the referendum; 3. Political dynamics around EU related referendums; 4. EU institutional adaptation in the shadow of the extraterritorial referendum; 5. Dilemmas of direct democracy: the EU from comparative perspective; 6. Models of constitutional design; 7. Conclusion.

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