Cerebral Small Vessel Disease
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Cerebral Small Vessel Disease

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Leonardo Pantoni
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Leonardo Pantoni, MD, PhD is Staff Neurologist, Azienda Ospedaliero Universitaria Careggi, Florence, Italy. Philip B. Gorelick, MD, MPH is Professor of Translational Science and Molecular Medicine, Michigan State University College of Human Medicine, and Medical Director, Hauenstein Neuroscience Center, Mercy Health at Saint Mary's, Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA.
Small vessel disease is an important frontier in neurology; about 25% of strokes are classified as small vessel, and SVD is the most common cause of vascular cognitive impairment. The risk of developing SVD increases with age, making this a growing concern for countries with aging populations. Despite this, there has been a paucity of information about its causes, diagnosis, prevention and treatment. This volume brings together contributions from leading international experts in the field and discusses pathogenesis, pathophysiology, clinical and radiologic manifestations, prevention and treatment modalities, and future directions for research and practice. Genetic forms of SVD are discussed, as well as the rapid development of neuroimaging techniques as tools for screening and treatment. This authoritative book is essential reading for neurologists, stroke physicians, geriatricians, and interventional neuroradiologists, as well as researchers in the fields of aging and dementia.
Written by leading international experts in the field, Cerebral Small Vessel Disease provides up-to-date information about the causes, diagnosis, treatment and prevention of this important condition. The rapid development of neuroimaging techniques as screening and treatment tools is discussed. Essential reading for neurologists, stroke physicians, geriatricians, and interventional neuroradiologists.
Preface; Part I. Classification, Pathology and Basic Aspects: 1. Definition and classification of small vessel diseases Leonardo Pantoni; 2. Pathology of cerebral small vessel disease Jun Ogata, Hiromichi Yamanishi and Hatsue Ishibashi-Ueda; 3. Pathological aspects of the ischemic consequences of small vessel disease on brain parenchyma Margaret Esiri and Elisabet Englund; 4. Pathological aspects of the hemorrhagic consequences of small vessel diseases on the brain Johannes Attems and Kurt A. Jellinger; 5. Experimental animal models of cerebral small vessel disease Atticus H. Hainsworth and Hugh S. Markus; 6. Sporadic small vessels disease: pathogenic aspects Joanna M. Wardlaw and Leonardo Pantoni; 7. Pathogenic aspects of hereditary small vessel disease of the brain Anne Joutel; 8. Hereditary cerebral small vessel disease and role of genetic factors Christian Opherk and Martin Dichgans; 9. The link between large artery aging and cerebral small vessel disease Angelo Scuteri and Edward G. Lakatta; 10. The neurovascular unit and possible influences on cerebral small vessel disease Gregory J. del Zoppo, Yoshikane Izawa and Brian T. Hawkins; Part II. Neuroimaging and Laboratory Aspects: 11. Conventional brain imaging of white matter lesions Franz Fazekas, Christian Enzinger, Stefan Ropele and Reinhold Schmidt; 12. Conventional imaging of lacunar infarcts Eric Jouvent and Hugues Chabriat; 13. Imaging of hemorrhagic cerebral small vessel disease Jennifer Linn, Steven Greenberg and Anand Viswanathan; 14. Nonconventional MR techniques for imaging cerebral small vessel disease David Nyenhuis and Glenn T. Stebbins; 15. Cerebral hemodynamics in cerebral small vessel disease Hugh S. Markus, Charlotte L. Allan and Klaus P. Ebmeier; 16. Markers of endothelial dysfunction, oxidative stress and inflammation in cerebral small vessels disease Francesca Pescini and Rosanna Abbate; 17. Cerebral small vessel disease: cerebrospinal fluid aspects Anders Wallin and Maria Bjerke; Part III. Clinical Aspects of Cerebral Small Vessel Disease: 18. Acute stroke syndromes caused by small vessel disease Mark I. Boulos, Ranjith K. Menon, Richard I. Aviv, Sandra E. Black and Richard H. Swartz; 19. Cognitive consequences of cerebral small vessel disease José M. Ferro, Ana Verdelho and Sofia Madureira; 20. Motor, stance and balance consequences of cerebral small vessel diseases H. Baezner, Christian Blahak and Michael G. Hennerici; 21. Psychiatric consequences of small vessel disease Perminder S. Sachdev and Sharon Reutens; 22. Consequences of cerebral small vessel disease: disability, mortality and prognosis Anna Poggesi, Leonardo Pantoni and Domenico Inzitari; 23. Clinical aspects of genetic forms of small vessel disease Maria Teresa Dotti and Antonio Federico; 24. Interaction between cerebral small vessel disease and neurodegenerative changes Wiesje M. van der Flier and Raj Kalaria; Part IV. Therapeutic Aspects: Prevention, Future Directions, and Possibilities: 25. Risk factors as possible targets for prevention of small vessel disease Vincent Mok, Philip B. Gorelick and Christopher Chen; 26. Treatment approaches for lacunar strokes Makoto Nakajima, Thalia Field and Oscar R. Benavente; 27. Cerebral small vessels disease imaging as a surrogate marker for clinical trials Reinhold Schmidt, Margherita Cavalieri and Marisa Loitfelder; 28. Cerebral small vessel disease: a look to the future Philip B. Gorelick and Leonardo Pantoni; Index.

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