Social Influences on Romantic Relationships
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Social Influences on Romantic Relationships

Beyond the Dyad
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Christopher R. Agnew
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Christopher R. Agnew is Professor and Head of the Department of Psychological Sciences at Purdue University. His research focuses on close, interpersonal relationships and the use of relational models to understand broader social and health processes. Dr Agnew has published and presented his research widely, and has served on the editorial boards for the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, and Personal Relationships (on which he served as Associate Editor). He was the recipient of the Early Career Award from the Relationships Researchers Interest Group of the Society for Personality and Social Psychology and served as President of the International Association for Relationship Research.
How do we choose a partner to initiate a relationship with, and what makes us stay in a given relationship over time? These questions are most often pursued by scholars with an emphasis on the internal thoughts, feelings, and motivations of individual decision-makers. Conversely, this volume highlights the importance of considering external influences on individual decision-making in close relationships. Featuring contributions from internationally renowned scholars, the volume is divided into two interrelated sections. The first section considers global and societal influences on romantic relationships and the second focuses on social network and communicative influences on romantic relationships. Taken together, this collection helps us to better understand how external factors influence the internal machinations of those involved in intimate relationships.
How do external factors influence close personal relationships? This volume presents theory and research by social and behavioral scientists on external influences on adult intimate relationships. The chapters bring together interdisciplinary perspectives, combining different methodologies and levels of analysis to address social influences at key stages of coupled relationships.
Introduction: external influences beyond the dyad Christopher R. Agnew; Part I. Global and Societal Influences on Romantic Relationships: 1. The influence of globalization and technological development on intimate relationships Çagla Sanri and Robin Goodwin; 2. Social capitalization in personal relationships Robert M. Milardo, Heather M. Helms, Eric D. Widmer and Stephen R. Marks; 3. Family relationships embedded in United States military culture Leanne K. Knobloch and Erin C. Wehrman; 4. Prejudice and stigma in intimate relationships: implications for relational and personal health outcomes Justin J. Lehmiller and Michael Ioerger; Part II. Social Network and Communicative Influences on Romantic Relationships: 5. The influence of subjective norms on close relationships Paul E. Etcheverry and Benjamin Le; 6. Network perceptions of daters' romances Elizabeth Keneski and Timothy J. Loving; 7. The new story of Romeo and Juliet H. Colleen Sinclair and Chelsea N. Ellithorpe; 8. Third-party forgiveness: social influences on intimate dyads Jeffrey D. Green, Jody L. Davis and Chelsea A. Reid; 9. Relationship advice Erina MacGeorge and Elizabeth Dorrance Hall.

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