Superstring Theory, Vol. 2
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Superstring Theory, Vol. 2

25th Anniversary Edition
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Michael B. Green
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236x158x40 mm
Cambridge Monographs on Mathematical Physics

Green, Michael B.Michael B. Green is the Lucasian Professor of Mathematics at the University of Cambridge.

Schwarz, John H.
John H. Schwarz is the Harold Brown Professor of Theoretical Physics at the California Institute of Technology.

Witten, Edward
Edward Witten is the Charles Simonyi Professor of Mathematical Physics at the Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton.
Originally published at the height of the first revolution in string theory, these two volumes went on to define the field. Volume 2 focuses on one-loop amplitudes, anomalies and phenomenology. Featuring a new Preface, this book is invaluable for graduate students and researchers in high energy physics and astrophysics. Twenty-five years ago, Michael Green, John Schwarz, and Edward Witten wrote two volumes on string theory. Published during a period of rapid progress in this subject, these volumes were highly influential for a generation of students and researchers. Despite the immense progress that has been made in the field since then, the systematic exposition of the foundations of superstring theory presented in these volumes is just as relevant today as when first published. Volume 2 is concerned with the evaluation of one-loop amplitudes, the study of anomalies and phenomenology. It examines the low energy effective field theory analysis of anomalies, the emergence of the gauge groups E8 x E8 and SO(32) and the four-dimensional physics that arises by compactification of six extra dimensions. Featuring a new Preface setting the work in context in light of recent advances, this book is invaluable for graduate students and researchers in high energy physics and astrophysics, as well as mathematicians.
The twenty-fifth anniversary edition featuring a new Preface, invaluable for graduate students and researchers in high energy physics and astrophysics.
Preface; 8. One-loop diagrams in the bosonic string theory; 9. One-loop diagrams in superstring theory; 10. The gauge anomaly in type I superstring theory; 11. Functional methods in the light-cone gauge; 12. Some differential geometry; 13. Low-energy effective action; 14. Compactification of higher dimensions; 15. Some algebraic geometry; 16. Models of low-energy supersymmetry; Bibliography; Index.

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