War of the Gods
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War of the Gods

Book 4 of the Kopaz Series
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Dale Groutage
4, The Kopaz Series
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Fire in the skies blaze unchecked as solar systems go up in flames—is darkness filling the vastness of the universe?
As the war of the gods reaches its final stage, the outcome hinges on the actions of two Wyoming teens from a rundown coal camp.  Thrust into a war between primeval gods, Danny Roberts and Jeannie LoneTree will determine whether light or dark prevails, but are they valued allies or only pawns?

The two teens have seen wonders since the fateful day in 1958 that plunged them into cosmic conflict. Danny Roberts and Jeannie LoneTree are worlds away from CoalVille, the impoverished Wyoming mining camp where they grew up. Now on a planet circling Kolar, the herculean star at the center of the universe, the two teens will play a vital role in the climactic battle between gods. Now gods in probation, the two are allied with Viracocha and Neferdor, the supreme god and goddess, in their galaxy-burning battle with the dark god Zuron.

With the universe at stake, Viracocha must decipher Zuron’s riddle—The site of the black pit defines the color of the scent—a puzzle that remains unsolved after billions of years. Should the riddle remain unanswered, Zuron will ascend to become the universe’s first divine dictator.

Complicating matters, a member of Viracocha’s trusted inner circle is a traitor. Danny and Jeannie will need all their new powers—and their coal town street smarts—to prevent darkness from reigning triumphant.

Hope seems lost. Zuron is poised to achieve his goal unless two teens from a rough-and-tumble mining community can solve a mystery that has baffled gods since the beginning of time—a mystery that may have its solution in Danny and Jeannie’s own hometown.

The captivating conclusion to the Kopaz series, War of the Gods reveals Danny and Jeannie’s ultimate destinies, assuming they survive Zuron’s final push for power.
Chapter 1: The Game of a Deathly RiddleChapter 2: The Mark Is MissedChapter 3: The Horrors of a WoodshedChapter 4: Pointy-Fanged MonkeyChapter 5: CoalVille Tipple and Plans Are MadeChapter 6: The Riddle of ZuronChapter 7: Fire in the SkyChapter 8: Lenszar Has Moved, and the Universe Is BurningChapter 9: CoalVille 1958Chapter 10: What’s behind Legends?Chapter 11: A Lock of HairChapter 12: Someone Else’s Lock of HairChapter 13: Jerzom Is Going HomeChapter 14: Is Earth Next?Chapter 15: Wandering Back and Forth in a Void of TimeChapter 16: Yellzor the BallplayerChapter 17: Back-Alley Déjà VuChapter 18: Back to the PastChapter 19: Sacrifice of the Firstborn MaleChapter 20: Quill Reports to the Council—AgainChapter 21: A Race with DeathChapter 22: The Arrow of a PrinceChapter 23: The Last GoromChapter 24: Noon Ceremony on top of the Boar’s TuskChapter 25: 1955 Chevy Headed for KopazChapter 26: The Royal PalaceChapter 27: The Final Gorom in the Pit of VulcanChapter 28: The Gods Are SummonedChapter 29: The Voices of GodsChapter 30: Ancient Mysteries UnraveledChapter 31: The Traitor DisclosedChapter 32: Black Temple ExplodesChapter 33: OutChapter 34: A Lonely WalkChapter 35: Back to the Council TableChapter 36: An Aching HeartChapter 37: Welcome to the GodsChapter 38: Supreme Honors and Behind the CurtainBallads and Songs of the Kopaz SeriesAbout the Author

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