Jeannie's Golden Key
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Jeannie's Golden Key

Book 1 of The Kopaz Series
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Dale Groutage
1, The Kopaz Series
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Sometimes you find what you seek—and more than you bargained for…
Part romance, part fantasy, the four books of The Kopaz Series™: Jeannie's Golden Key; Secrets of the Sun; Young Gods of Kopaz, and War of the Gods offer a rousing young adult adventure where the universe itself hinges on human love and bravery. But Danny and Jeannie have to act fast: when the gods wage war, the very sky burns.

When war breaks out among the gods, the only hope that goodness might prevail depends on the love and bravery of two seventeen-year-old humans struggling to overcome their humble beginnings. Until recently, Danny and Jeannie were ordinary kids dreaming of an escape from the impoverished Wyoming coal camp they call home.

The dark god Zuron has declared war against the supreme god and goddess, Viracocha and Neferdor, and will stop at nothing to seize ultimate power—even if the result is total destruction of the universe.  

Meanwhile, in the poverty-stricken Scarlet Desert of Wyoming during the 1950s, seventeen-year-old Danny loses his father in a coal-mining accident. In an effort to distract him from his grief and the poverty that surrounds them both, Jeannie invites him on a treasure hunt. But what starts out as a romantic gesture turns into a twist of fate when they stumble across an ancient stash of powerful treasure.  Jeannie discovers that the treasure and a simple family heirloom are somehow connected and might be the key to an ancient mystery…and more...

It’s interesting how we get caught in twisting turns of fate. Jeannie has something Zuron wants and needs to win the war…Danny and Jeannie have no idea who is coming for them.

Can Jeannie and Danny help the supreme god and goddess Viracocha and Neferdor defeat the dark god Zuron, or are they merely pawns in this battle between the gods?

The first in a four-book series, Jeannie’s Golden Keys introduces you to an astonishingly realistic world as it draws you into the compelling story of two teens in search of love and meaning—two teens who find strength in each other as they struggle to fulfill their destiny in an epic battle against evil.
Chapter  1:  A Coal-Black Tomb
Chapter  2:  Vulture in a Graveyard
Chapter  3:  A Sweet Voice and a Lonely Ride
Chapter  4:  Nightmares
Chapter  5:  A Missing Pirate Returns
Chapter  6:  Let’s Go Snooping
Chapter  7:  A Crazy Man Spots Her
Chapter  8:  Lord Mochcom, Good Servant of Zuron
Chapter  9:  Monkey in a Palace
Chapter  10:  Crazy LeRoy’s Evil Secret
Chapter  11:  Pirate Log Day
Chapter  12:  The White Face of Ziz Reveals the Path
Chapter  13:  Pirate Legends
Chapter  14:  Sacred Legends
Chapter  15:  Zanzee, the Mystical Egyptian Cat
Chapter  16:  The 1955 Chevy—What a Wild Ride!
Chapter  17:  Uncovering Secrets—First Clue
Chapter  18:  Uncovering Secrets—Second Clue
Chapter  19:  Zanzee Points the Way
Chapter  20:  Supernatural
Chapter  21:  Treasure or Hoax?
Chapter  22  The Black Disciple
Chapter  23:  The Further We Dig
Chapter  24:  Treasure
Chapter  25:  Bow and Arrow Lead the Way
Chapter  26:  The Golden Key
Chapter  27:  First Love, First Kiss
Chapter  28:  Rosetta Stone
Chapter  29:  Unraveling Mysteries—Jeannie Teases
Chapter  30:  Intipraimi—A Combination Code
Chapter  31:  The Disciple of Darkness
Chapter  32:  The Garage
Chapter  33:  Farewell

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