Most Highly Favored Daughter
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Most Highly Favored Daughter

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Janice Lane Palko
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Most Highly Favored Daughter exposes the lives of the Hawthorne sisters--Cara and Sophia. Cara, the elder sister, has it all, that is, until she inexplicably awakens naked in a strange hotel room the morning after being honored with the Mother Teresa medal by the Diocese of Pittsburgh for her charitable work. When an envelope arrives containing despicable photos framing her with a heinous crime, her charmed life begins to crumble, jeopardizing her reputation, her marriage, and ultimately her life.Sophia, with whom Cara vies for the affection of their father, Laurence Hawthorne, the nominee for the Ambassadorship of the United Nations, also has it all, but her reckless lifestyle frequently makes her tabloid fodder. A scandal erupts when Sophia enters into an unseemly marriage on the same night that Cara is being honored.As Cara and handsome, brooding private investigator Jake Gold battle to prove her innocence, they unearth shocking revelations about the city she serves, the people she loves, and herself, proving that appearances can be deceiving and sometimes deadly.Set during Pittsburgh's first time as host of the Super Bowl, Most Highly Favored Daughter, with it's twisted plot of deception and death, leave readers breathless as secret after secret is exposed.
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