Virtual Harmony, and Other Short, Sweet Romances
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Virtual Harmony, and Other Short, Sweet Romances

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Love can bloom in infinite ways.These eleven short romances follow love through cute meets to taking friendship to the next level to rekindling a marriage. Feelings can be sparked by an errant computer file, a hunt for diamonds, or even a fortune teller's tale. All that is needed is to open one's heart to let it in.Included in this volume are:“Virtual Harmony” – A mysterious music file leads the new girl in town on a quest to find its owner.“To the Rescue” – Two tenants are thrown together one night when she seeks help after her apartment is trashed.“A Night at the Opera” – The gift of an opera tickets leads to a major conflict for one patron.“An (Un)Neighborly Welcome” – A snowball fight introduces a new neighbor to a single mom.“A Diamond in the Rough” – A family of raccoons brings a human family closer together.“Temporary Temptation” – One girl’s temporary job assignment puts her in conflict with company policy.“Batting Practice” – A shy girl shows another side of herself when she helps out at a company charity event.“Roadside Assistance” – A flat tire throws a young woman into the path of her nemesis. “Heart’s Desire” – Enter the fortune teller’s tent only if you want to know your heart’s desire.“A Simple Misunderstanding” – A book of poisons leads to an interesting introduction.“Guardian Angel” – A gift to a soldier overseas can mean more than it first appears. Search, find, and deepen love along the way in these sweet romances.

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