The Life and Times of Sherlock Holmes
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The Life and Times of Sherlock Holmes

Essays on Victorian England
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Liese Anne Sherwood-Fabre
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Step back to London, 1895.
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's stories are full of references to everyday activities and events from Victorian times that make the twenty-first century reader run to the reference shelf. Few, for example, are intimately acquainted with the responsibilities of a country squire, the importance of gentlemen's clubs, or the intricacies of the Victorian monetary system.

These twenty-four short essays explore various aspects of life mentioned in the original tales of Sherlock Holmes, providing modern-day insight into the nineteenth century world. Originally shared through various Sherlockian newsletters around the world, they are gathered here for the first time. Essays cover:

The Life of a Country Squire
The Holmes' Family Connection to the Vernets of France
The Fate of Second Sons
The Victorian Medical Practice
Victorian Transportion
The Origins of Scotland Yard
The River Thames
Apiculture in the 1800s
Westminster Palace
Sherlock's Christmas Spirit
Practicing Law in Victorian England
The Second Anglo-Afghan War
Gentleman's Clubs
221B Baker Street
Abductive Reasoning
Dog Breeding
The Monetary System
The British Museum

These examinations bring deeper meaning and color to the adventures of the world's most famous consulting detective.

The president of The Crew of the Barque Lone Star, a Sherlockian Scion Society, notes this collection "brings life to a society which we have only dreamed of."

Whether a fan of Sherlock Holmes or a history enthusiast, this book offers interesting tidbits to all.
1 - The Life of a Country Squire; 2 - Sherlock's French Connection; 3 - Inheritance and the Fate of Second Sons; 4 - John Watson, The Victorian Doctor; 5 - Getting Around in Victorian England; 6 - The Origins of Scotland Yard; 7 - The River Thames; 8 - Victorian Apiculture; 9 - A Brief History of Westminster Palace; 10 - Sherlock's Christmas Spirit; 11 - Practicing Law in Victorian England; 12 - The Second Anglo-Afghan War, 13 - Clubbing, Victorian Style; 14 - Forty-Nine References to Tobacco; 15 - A World-Famous Address; 16 - The Abductive Reasoning of Sherlock Holmes; 17 - Going to the Dogs; 18 - Name Your Poison; 19 - If It's a Print, It Must be True; 20 - Your Frontal Development is Showing; 21 - Spreading the Word; 22-London on Eleven Shillings a Day; 23 - When a Museum is More than a Museum; 24 - A True Knock-Out