Glimpse of Emerald
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Glimpse of Emerald

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Rita M. Reali
1, The Sheldon Family Saga
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All his life, every woman who was important to Gary had a way of leaving, at the most inopportune time: through death, desertion – even amid deception. Through it all, the one constant was the unwavering love and faith-driven support of Edward, his beloved grandfather. But one day – all too soon – that love and support is suddenly stripped away, when the old man dies. Now all Gary has left is memories – and his granddad's rosary beads, which Edward had been clutching when he died. Plus, as the young man soon learns, a tidy fortune and a beach house on the Connecticut shore. In trying to cope with his emptiness and grief, Gary throws himself into his work. And other diversions.When he meets Michaela, everything changes. Her spitfire assertiveness shines through her somber outer shell – put there, Gary is certain, by her own parents' recent breakup – and they forge an unusual friendship, which eventually deepens into love.During the course of their courtship, Michaela acquires a terrible secret, which she hides from Gary, for fear of losing him. Over time, a series of revelations – each more stunning than the one before – makes Gary re-evaluate everything he was sure he knew. Everything.Can Gary and Michaela salvage the tattered shreds of their relationship? Will her finally divulging the awful secret drive a further wedge between them – and can their faith enable them to pick up the pieces? Glimpse of Emerald is a tale of love and loss, betrayal and redemption, hope and faith.

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