The Best of Me
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The Best of Me

The Empowerment Chapter
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Latonia Francois
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Life is not really about the destination, but more about the experiences that give meaning to our life along the way.   -Latonia.At a crossroad between giving up or believing I could achieve the life of joy I desired, I needed to be reminded of the people, experiences, and everything that made my life worth ?ghting for. In the midst of it all, I was going through, a decision to not give up and the thought of a signi?cant memory motivated me to begin a journey that transformed my life. In this empowering guided journal, I capture this transformational chapter of my life and illustrate how I used journaling as a tool of empowerment to face life challenges and live a life of meaningful joy. Through my story, you will learn how to journal effectively, manage stress through your writing, and discover the best of who you are through the people, places, and everything in your life that brings out the best of you. Your Journey of Empowerment Starts Now!The Best of Me includes:
Latonia's personal stories of how journaling impacted her life
Journaling lessons and activities with interactive videos
Journaling prompts for relaxation, making journaling an everyday experience, and using journaling for creative self-expression
Lined & blank pages for journaling

LATONIA FRANCOIS Wife, mother, and trailblazing entrepreneur, Latonia Francois is the inspiration behind Let’s Write Life. Through journals, retreats, and speaking engagements she shares her passion to empower people to become the best of who they are for themselves and their family. Latonia spends her life with the greatest joys, her husband, and her two amazing daughters.

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