The Financially Smart Divorce
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The Financially Smart Divorce

3 Steps to Your Ideal Settlement and Financial Security in Your New Life
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J A Licciardello
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Build Your Ideal Settlement and Avoid Divorce Financial Mistakes

Our Three Step Program Shows You How!

Divorce finance is complicated, and a mistake in building your settlement can have disastrous consequences. But going on the internet to get bits and pieces of financial facts and advice is not the answer. You need information and a plan to follow that moves you from start to finish through the many financial decisions you will face during a divorce. That is what "The Financially Smart Divorce" is all about.

Unlike other books, this is not just a series of articles thrown together. You are led through your divorce logically from start to finish getting the information you need as you need it in three simple stages:

- In the "Preparation Stage” you learn how to get completely organized, evaluate your finances and build a solid negotiation game plan

- In the "Negotiation Stage" you get the information you need to build your ideal settlement from managing the family home, alimony and child support to dealing with complex issues as executive compensation and business interests. 14 topics in all!

- In the "Recovery Stage" you are given a blueprint for ensuring you fully implement your agreement and get your finances rebuilt properly from the ground up.

You also get exercises, checklists, and other tools so that you have complete control in managing the financial side of your divorce...from preparation to negotiation to recovery. It’s all in here.

You will also learn:

  • How to use the Divorce "Financial Reality Check" to identify the strengths, weaknesses and issues needing attention

  • A process for building your personal negotiation strategy that puts your most important needs front and center

  • Techniques for evaluating alternative proposals so you can pick the one right for you

  • All that you need to know about child support, alimony, handling debt, taxes, business interests, executive compensation, and many other topics

  • How to rebuild your financial life from the ground up...the right way!

You also receive a free divorce planner guide.  With checklists, exercises and planning tools “The Financially Smart Divorce Planner” helps you stay organized, focused and manage your divorce like a pro.

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