Dr. Wren’s Incredible Hoverpark of Wonder
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Dr. Wren’s Incredible Hoverpark of Wonder

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Shelly Drummond
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It is spring in Florida and Dr. Wren’s Hoverpark of Wonder returns, bringing the world’s most spectacular theme park to Tampa! Travis Pruitt and his twin sister Tara are on their 5th grade field trip to the floating island paradise filled with thrill rides and attractions. On the Vonderheist roller coaster, airships are poised along the edge of the park, appearing to drop over 2500 ft. to the surf below. The lazy river offers glass bottom views of the Gulf of Mexico and a 4D theatre propels parkers through the universe. The Hoverpark is fully interactive with lots of ways to entertain and play. There are scavenger hunts, keys to collect, puzzles to solve, gadgets to create, and the more experienced guests can play the elusive game master himself. But someone with a dark and mysterious secret is wandering through the park. The rides are breaking down and the Pruitts and their friends are pulled into the biggest puzzle of all!

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