Rhiannon's Tale
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Rhiannon's Tale

Book One of the Eternal Tales
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Barbara Elder
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Rhiannon is hunted by an immortal killer with a dark aura. She learns she is aeternan - a race of evolved humans who remember past lives, developing psychic gifts with each death and rebirth. During her odyssey, Rhiannon finds a lost family, and a man who waited for her over 1,500 years. Using her formidable power, she must fight her inner demons, and finally face the darkness which stalks her. Long Description:
She has been running for lifetimes from an immortal killer.
If only she could remember it.
Rhiannon has suppressed centuries of memories, escaping pain so horrific, she can't allow herself to remember. But after witnessing two identical murders, 24 years apart - the first in her previous life, and now again, in this incarnation - she realizes the killer is slaughtering women for pleasure, while Rhiannon is forced to watch. He took his joy not only in death, but in Rhiannon's horror.
Now that a woman's soul has been destroyed before her eyes - again! - Rhiannon is forced to run, to face herself, and unearth her destiny.
She discovers she is aeternan - a race of evolved people who remember past lives, developing psychic gifts with every death and rebirth. They are Those Who Do Not Forget, living all around us, in a world where fairy tales are based on true stories and ancient prophecy. But they are not the peaceful, enlightened souls New Age philosophy envisions, but powerful, passionate, angry, sensual, utterly human beings with their own culture and beliefs.
During her odyssey, Rhiannon finds centuries-long devotion and acceptance, a family, even the incandescent dream of love, with a man who resolutely waited for her more than 1,500 years. Together, they will help her learn to use her formidable power, and fight her inner demons, so she can defeat the monsters pursuing her.
When reincarnated souls are involved, fantasy merges with detailed history: a sybil writhes in the throes of prophecy in ancient Mesopotamia; lovers meet during the bubonic plague in 5th century Constantinople; heroes battle Attila the Hun on the Catalaunian Plains; a polyamorous family enjoys a sensual picnic in 19th century England - and more, from India to Africa, Pompeii to Russia, and beyond.
Rhiannon's Tale is an epic urban fantasy, set in the present, yet also throughout world history. The tale is at once dark and magical, sensual and uplifting.

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