Innocence Broken
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Innocence Broken

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Innocence Broken sheds light on an issue that is common but not easily talked about or brought up as an important issue. Innocence Broken speaks words for victims all men, women, young adults, adolescents, teens, and toddlers who have experienced or is experiencing physical, mental, verbal, emotional abuse and neglect. All victims feel as though no one will or can understand them so they conceal their problems and pain. Innocence Broken didn't invent abuse and neglect, Innocence Broken just gave a voice to all the victims of abuse and neglect. Innocence Broken provides a guide for readers to understand how to identify a victim, signs that a person is being abused or neglected, and helps readers understand how to properly help victims. Innocence Broken not only gives a story of a young adult being victimized, but it also helps victims see that they are not alone, and that they can make it through. Innocence Broken shows the importance of a person not leaning on their own understanding, but leaning on a higher power. Leaning on a higher power allows both people and victims to trust themselves through the higher power, and helps them face esteem issues, understanding their own worth, and helps them heal from their pain, and defeat their abusers. The act that caused a victim's innocence to be broken does not define the victim; The struggle and the fight given to overcome being a victim whose Innocence was Broken does.

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