Generative Collaboration
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Generative Collaboration

Releasing the Creative Power of Collective Intelligence
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Robert Brian Dilts
2, Success Factor Modeling
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Working together with others in groups and teams is an increasingly common and important part of modern business and contemporary life.  High performing teams demonstrate the characteristic of collective intelligence. Collective intelligence relates to the ability of people in a team, group or organization to think and act in an aligned and coordinated fashion
The fruit of effective collective intelligence is what is known as generative collaboration. Generative collaboration involves people working together to create or generate something new, surprising and beyond the capacities of any of the group members individually. Through generative collaboration, individuals are able to utilize their abilities to the fullest and discover and apply resources that they did not yet realize that they had. They draw new ideas and resources out of each other. Thus, the performance or output of the group as a whole is much greater than it would be if the individuals were working by themselves.

This book is for people who want to increase their capacity for working effectively together with others and to experience the excitement, satisfaction and power of generative collaboration.
Introduction - Overview of Success Factor Modeling
Key Levels of Success Factors
Ego and Soul
The Dynamic Between Passion, Vision, Mission, Ambition and Role
The COACH State - Integrating Ego and Soul into a "Holon"
Next Generation Entrepreneurship
The SFM Circle of SuccessTM
Making an Elevator Pitch
The SFM Mindset Map
The Influence of the "Field of Innovation" on the Circle of Success

Chapter 1-Making the Pie Bigger: Bringing Collective Intelligence into Your Circle of Success
Collective Versus Collected Intelligence
Creating Collective Intelligence
Holons and holograms
Task Significance and Performance
Benefits and Applications of Collective Intelligence
The SFM Collective Intelligence Model
Mastermind Groups - An Example of Applied Collective Intelligence
Collaboration Catalysts
SFM Collaboration Catalysts:
Creating a "COACH Container"
Multi-Level Introductions
Setting Intention
Fostering a "Field" of Co-Sponsorship
Exploring and Sharing Best Practices through Success Factor Modeling

Chapter 2-Collective Intelligence and Generative Collaboration
Collaboration is Essential for a Successful Venture
How Can Twenty People Outperform One Thousand?
Success Factor Case Example: CrossKnowledge
Dynamics of Generative Change
SFM Collaboration Catalysts:
Developing a Generative Performance State
Promoting Synergy Through Intervision
Applying Intervision to Problem Solving
The Importance of "Second Position" for Generative Collaboration
SFM Collaboration Catalyst: Collaborator Attribute Analysis

Chapter 3-Generative Collaboration and "Disruptive Innovation"
Dynamics of Disruptive Innovation
Open Innovation
Weak Signal Detection: "Frogs Versus Bats"
Success Factor Case Example: Stefan Crisan - EDHEC Master in Management
The Power of Integrating Multiple Perceptual Positions
SFM Collaboration Catalysts:
Creating Win-Win Collaborations Through Third Position
SFM Collaborator Audit
Moving to Fourth Position - Forming a Relational Field
Identifying Resonance for Task Significance
Collective Creativity Catalysts

Chapter 4-Making Something from Nothing: Forming a Generative Venture Community
The Story of "Stone Soup"
Characteristics of a Generative Venture Community (GVC)
Swarm Intelligence
Success Factor Case Example: Randy Williams-The Keiretsu Forum
Characteristics of a "Winning" Culture
SFM Collaboration Catalyst: Group Affirmation Exercise
How to go from being "nobody" to becoming "somebody"
The SFM Collaboration Spiral
SFM Collaboration Catalyst: Modeling Successful Collaboration
SFM Collaboration Catalyst: Preparing for a Generative Relationship
Success Factor Case Example: John Dilts - Founder, Maverick Angels
SFM Collaboration Catalyst: Dream Guardians Exercise

Chapter 5-Dynamic Teaming
Lessons in Dynamic Teaming from Geese
Flocking and the Power of Process
Lessons in Dynamic Teaming from the Battle of Midway
Dynamic Team Development
Success Factor Case Example: Comau Pico Custom Products Team
SFM Collaboration Catalysts:
Basic Meeting Format
Resource Mining
Aligning Roles Within a Common Vision
Modeling Dynamic Teaming Success Factors
Making a Dynamic Teaming Scorecard

Chapter 6-Activating the Wisdom of Crowds
Developing Wisdom
The Wisdom of Crowds
Conditions Needed to Produce Wise Crowds
Google's Quest for the Perfect Team
Six Steps for Activating the "Wisdom of Crowds"
SFM Collaboration Catalyst: Shifting from CRASH to COACH State
SFM Collaboration Catalyst: Tetra Lemma Group Process
Success Factor Case Example: Drew Dilts - Benin Moringa Farm and Bee Keeping Project

Review of Key Themes
A Concluding Example of the Power of Collective Intelligence
Closing Reflections

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