God Unveiled
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God Unveiled

Our Creator Reveals All His Secrets of the Spiritual and Physical Worlds
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Mike Kirkpatrick
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In God Unveiled our creator reveals for the first time all his secrets of the spiritual and physical worlds that the theology and science experts cannot explain. No other book exists that provides the reader with such a comprehensive understanding of God, life, and the universe.

You will learn, for example, why and how God created the universe and its true age and actual size; how many places in the universe possess life and what important common spiritual purpose it serves; why our loving,all-powerful creator allows innocent people to suffer in natural disasters, accidents, and other tragedies he could easily prevent; why he created so many conflicting religions with each thinking it is the correct one; what actually happens to us after we die, and much more!

The author never believed in God until a miraculous event occurred in 1985. God revealed himself through a vision and he became a true believer in a matter of a few seconds. Over the next 29 years, he received all the unprecedented revelations found in the book from God living in him, the same infinite being (force) present in all of us. By revealing all his secrets to humanity through a former disbeliever who is just an ordinary person, God is showing how he really does live in everyone.

Incredibly, prior to becoming an instant believer in God, the author never gave the slightest thought to any of the topics covered in the book. His mind was focused on his career in technical computer programming and financial management for Raytheon Engineers & Constructors in Philadelphia, Pa. He holds a B.S. in Math, a M.Eng. in Engineering Science, and a M.B.A. in Finance.



1. Overview of God
2. God's Endless Universe
3. Testing of God's Perfect Self
4. The Miraculous Gift of Grace
5. Seeking Grace Within Ourselves
6. The Purpose of Miracles
7. The Supremacy of God's Will
8. The Dual Nature of Everyone
9. Fictitious Hell and Devil
10. Eternal Life of Our Soul

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