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The Vision and Genius of James LeVoy Sorenson
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Lee Roderick
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Jim Sorenson was born into poverty to teenage parents. As a small boy in California he shelled walnuts and sold things door-to-door to help put food on his family's table. Hope for a better future was dashed for a time by a teacher who branded him "mentally retarded." Yet he died a billionaire, having risen to rare heights as an inventor and entrepreneur. Dyslexia made reading extremely difficult, but also planted the seeds of awesome abilities. He invented many medical instruments that today are standard in hospitals across the world, and pioneered entire industries while launching some 40 companies. Jim was an American original––eccentric and complex, who preached teamwork but was utterly incapable of being anything but the leader; insistent on his rules but indifferent to everyone else's. After co-founding one of the nation's first biotechnology companies, he left and began Sorenson Research. Jim coveted results, not resumes. He hired a machinist and a sewing-machine repairman. Starting almost from scratch, the three invented ingenious medical devices, selling the company fifteen years later for $100 million. Real estate was the other pillar of Jim's wealth. He was reputed to be his state's largest private landowner. His genius in acquiring land and holding, selling, or developing it created a blueprint others can profitably follow. Jim was a philosopher and idealist, pouring a fortune into a quest for peace. He brought antagonistic religions together in international summits, and gathered 100,000 human DNA samples from 90 percent of all countries, believing that if diverse peoples are shown they are related, they will learn to leave peaceably. Jim was also a husband and father of eight whose family struggled to relate to him as he single-mindedly pursued his dreams.
ContentsAcknowledgements 9Prologue 111 Tough Start for Teen Parents 172 Mentally Retarded 333 A Giving Heart 484 Boy Innovator 585 Beverley Born in Idyllic Family 736 First Love 887 Mission Trumps Medical School 1018 Champion Baptizer 1109 Whirlwind Courtship 12110 Upjohn 13411 Hiking Goat Pastures 15012 Boy’s Death Sets Course 16313 Deseret Pharmaceutical 17414 First Paper Surgical Mask, Disposable Catheter 18915 Sorenson Research Soars 19616 LeVoy’s, Religion, Music 20717 The Greatest Mind 22518 Jim, Dr. Homer Warner Team to Mend Hearts 23619 Cardiac Catheter Opens New Era 24920 Device Saves, Re-Circulates Patient’s Own Blood 26121 Selling Sorenson Research 27222 Jim Turns His Back on Family 28423 Lure of the Land 30124 Sorensons Create a City 31525 White Sage Ranch, Farm l 32826 University of Utah Gift Fiasco 34427 Jim, Beverley Generous With Needy 35928 New Companies Launch, Fail 37029 Sorenson Bioscience 38030 Jim a Volatile Leader 39531 Crime v. Basketball 40932 Beverley Saves Kids With Art 42033 DNA Kinship and World Peace 43234 Fostering Faith, Choosing Family over Fame 446Epilogue 463Appendix 469Sources 484Index

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