Life As We Know It
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Life As We Know It

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Ma Vivek
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What is the difference Between me and me? You? Life? We are life So what difference does it make? What difference do we make? Carl and Stella have a history together as a couple that did not last. After having been oblivious to each other for many years, Carl calls Stella one day and they start seeing each other again. Friends that meet and talk their walk, intending to walk their talk as they share and explore the fabric of life the way it presents itself to them. They are on their different paths, which sometimes cross on this often winding journey, covering big and small issues, high and low ground, keen on every turn. You are invited to join! Vivek was born and raised in Sweden, where she also went to business school and studied psychology. When her body became increasingly affected by disease, she realised she needed to turn 'in' more and in the early 2000s also started to enjoy the Indian master Osho's teachings and techniques about meditation and therapy, which added immensely to her life experience. This story developed as an offspring from that.

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