My Desert Will Flourish
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My Desert Will Flourish

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Ola Zaccheus
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What do you do when all your efforts yield zero or minimal results? How do you come out of a situation of financial dryness? There is hope in God. In this book, the author discusses biblical principles that have been proven to reverse dryness and bring about abundance in all areas of life.In My Desert Will Flourish, the author uses water as a symbol of the word of God and explains the importance of it in a believer's life. She also discusses how one should not just know the word of God, but also confess it as there is power waiting to be released in the word of God. Also, the importance of having a vision and strong belief in God and self is discussed in this book.The book also encourages you not to be put off by a current situation of dryness. Rather, the author gives you a charge to approach your situation by time-tested biblical principles that have been proven to bring about abundance in all areas of life.

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