The Diversions of Life
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The Diversions of Life

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Ola Zaccheus
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"Many routes lead to your life's goals and this is why sometimes life throws you a curve. In this book, the author talks about the journeys of life and explains the reasons why you can veer off your intended path to an unplanned and sometimes unwanted destination. The book also gives further information on how you can still continue the journey to your destiny despite the numerous diversions of life.One of the common facts of life is that everyone on the journey to destiny will surely experience a form of detour at one point or the other before reaching their desired destination or set goals. As a matter of fact, life's diversions are not 'if' but 'when' - at least for those who want to achieve something tangible in life. And for you to be holding this book right now proves to me that you are on your journey to greatness.She stated that her personal experience has shown clearly that it is not only the steps of the righteous that are ordered by God, but sometimes even the 'stops' of the righteous are ordered by Him (Romans 8:28). The Diversions of Life instructs the believer not only on the causes of life's diversions but also the pitfalls that we must prayerfully avoid as we journey into destiny.

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