Brexit: What the Hell Happens Now?
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Brexit: What the Hell Happens Now?

Everything you need to know about Britain's divorce from Europe
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Ian Dunt
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Britain's departure from the European Union is filled with propaganda and myth but the risks are very real. Brexit could lower global status of the United Kingdom, diminish its quality of life, and throw its legal system into turmoil.
With the help of constitutional and trade experts, Ian Dunt, editor of, explains why exiting the EU is likely to:

make the UK poorer

leave industries like pharmaceuticals and finance struggling to operate

threatens to break up the United Kingdom

The book deals with the trade and legal cliff edge that Britain will face unless it can secure a transitional deal with the European Union, why the odds are stacked against the UK government in its negotiations with Brussels, and how the World Trade Organisation (WTO) is not the cure to leaving the EU that the Brexiters believe.

This is the first full public exploration of Brexit, stripped of the wishful thinking of its supporters in the media and Parliament. It is the real picture of a country about to undergo a sharp and self-inflicted isolation. This book is for people who still believe in evidence and in experts.

It is the perfect accompaniment to All Out War by Tim Shipman which looks back at the referendum campaign. Brexit: What the Hell Happens Now? looks forward to a volatile future. It is the best book on the impact of Brexit.
IntroductionWhat was that?What did we vote for?What is Article 50?What is the European project?What is the single market?What are the politics of the European Union?What about freedom of movement?What about the economy?— Norway— Switzerland— Turkey— Canada— The World Trade OrganisationHow can we keep the UK together?— Scotland— IrelandWhat are we going to do?— What do the Brexit ministers want?— How talented are they?— What tools do they have?— What is the context?

The economy
The City of London
The legal battle
Making a new country
The time problem

What happens after Brexit?
List of experts

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