Burns, falls and emergency calls
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Burns, falls and emergency calls

The ultimate guide to the prevention and treatment of childhood accidents
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Emma A Hammett
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Burns, Falls and Emergency Calls; has been written for parents and anyone working with or caring for children; to help you anticipate the next developmental milestones for children and to take the necessary measures to prevent life-threatening injuries and help you plan, prepare and avoid mishap. It will also equip you with the necessary first aid skills should an accident occur. Immediate and appropriate first aid saves lives, reduces pain and suffering and can make a dramatic difference to the speed and extent of a child’s recovery.
Experienced nurse, trainer and first aid expert Emma Hammett draws upon her professional and personal experience to provide an engaging and authoritative guide to preventing and treating childhood accidents. Packed full of real life experiences, anecdotes and sound advice, this book is designed to give you the skills and confidence to let your children develop and flourish, experiencing inevitable minor bumps and bruises, while keeping them safe from more serious mishaps.

With clear, simple directions, tested advice, engaging photographs and illustrations, this a unique, must-have for anyone looking after children of any age.

The health and happiness of children in our care is of vital importance to us and we always do our best to keep them safe. However, despite these efforts, every year around 2 million children in the UK attend A&E due to an accident. Over 100,000 of these require admission to hospital – that is nearly 2,000 children a week!

150,000 people die every year in situations where first aid could have saved them. Accidents are second only to cancer as the leading cause of death for children and young people in the UK. You never know when something might happen!

Children need to take measured risks, and bumps and bruises will inevitably result.  However, it is important to prevent serious childhood injuries that can cause long-term damage and have life-changing consequences. The part of the brain that evaluates risk and consequence is not fully developed until people are in their early twenties. Therefore, it is vital for parents and those working with children, to be aware of potential dangers and equip themselves and the children with the knowledge and skills to keep themselves and others safe. Burns, Falls and Emergency Calls gives safety tips and advice for people caring for children from birth through to adulthood.

Endorsed by the Child Accident Prevention Trust, Dr Amanda Gummer from the Good Toy Guide and Parenting and Childcare Experts; Burns, falls and emergency calls is heralded as the ultimate guide to the prevention and treatment of childhood accidents.
The ultimate guide to prevention and treatment of childhood accidents




How to use this book


Part 1: Prioritising injuries, and child safety

Recognising when something is seriously wrong and when to phone for an ambulance

How to phone an ambulance

Child developmental stages from new born to adult and the implications for potential injuries

When is a child old enough to look after other children?


Part 2: Life-threatening emergencies

How to help in an emergency

Unresponsive and breathing

•         How to put a baby or child into the recovery position

Unconscious and not breathing

•         CPR – Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation

•         Defibrillators / AEDs - What they are and how to use them


Part 3: Treatment for common injuries and illnesses

Breathing problems




Anaphylactic shock

Wounds and bleeding



Bites and stings



Breaks, sprains and dislocations

Head injuries

Spinal injuries

Road traffic accidents


Extremes of body temperature

Medical Conditions

Sepsis and Meningitis



Part 4: Useful information

What to put in your first aid kit

Giving children medication

How to treating an injured or unwell child



Part 5: Resources

Checklist for the home (suitable for parents and child carers)

Additional checklist for schools, nurseries and children’s activity providers

Example of a risk assessment for schools and nurseries


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