Faith at Work
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Faith at Work

Workplace Testimonies of Young Christian Professionals
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James Slater
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This is a book, first and foremost, about God. This is a book about the passionate love He has for His children and the interest He shows in their work, described through the lives of those that are living for Him. If there is anything impressive about the stories in this book, it is God Himself. Through the testimonies of twenty-four young professionals, you will find honest accounts of how they have wrestled with what it means to be a Christian in the industries God has placed them in:• Finding meaning and purpose at work
• Being content with the present yet being ambitious for the future
• Discerning God’s will for what work to do
• Balancing work, family and church commitments
• Being on mission at workIf you are just about to start your career; if you are at a bit of a crossroads in your career; if you want to explore more of what it means to be a Christian; in your workplace or if you just want to be encouraged by the fact that God is at work in our workplaces and through our careers, then this book is for you.
p.18 Management Consultant To do, to change and to be changed
p.22 Doctor training in psychiatry Working as a Christian in mental health
p.25 Teacher Exploring the adventure of relationship with God through workp.29 Events and VIP Manager for an international development charity: God’s love in the charity sector 
p.33 Registered Nurse God of my setbacks p.38 Deputy Team Manager for a family support service: Renewed ambition p.41 Fashion Entrepreneur and part-time Youth Progression Manager: Beating idleness and the fear of failurep.44 Chartered Surveyor and Property Manager: Living in the moment, dreaming about the future p.49 Barber Taking great satisfaction in the work of your hands and using it as a way to display your faith at workp.54 Real Estate Finance Investment Manager: Prayer, the prophetic and God’s favour 
p.58 TV Editor Trust God and follow His prompting 
p.62 TV Producer Faith to follow God’s lead 
p.66 Youth Hub Co-ordinator Believe and obey p.71 Junior Doctor Work as a means to developing a discipline for voluntary use where it is most needed
p.75 Visual Artist Being a witness for Christ in the world of contemporary art
p.79 Private Tutor and Church Elder Flexible working and the building of God’s kingdom p.84 Teacher and Financial Services Regulator: Two careers, one marriage and being united on one journey
p.88 Home Educator Responding to unexpected circumstances by faith: home educating my children p.92 Product Manager for a major online retailer: Things do not always go to plan p.98 Financial Services Regulator and stay-at-home mum: Workplace blessing for kingdom giving p.103 Screenwriter Pursuing a career at the risk that it may not pay off p.107 Senior Executive for a global music exam board: God’s plan, God’s timing p.111 Business Development Manager for a care and support provider: Having confidence to trust God for where He has you 
p.115 Composer Godly commitment to and passion for your work against all odds

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