Heal your chakras ...heal your life
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Heal your chakras ...heal your life

An easy to follow self help guide to health and happiness
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Tamsin Juliet German
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An easy to follow self help guide to health and happiness
Life is full of wonder but you have to open your eyes to see it. I did this in my childhood and discovered the natural ways to bring health and harmony to the body. After discovering the healing benefits of plants I moved on to discover and train in other forms of healing. Now I practice these healing techniques at my wellness clinic in Spain. This book is an offering to open your eyes to the wonder that is out there at your fingertips to bring more inner peace into your life. For once we have inner peace everything else falls into place.

At times you may think you will never make it and are being punished for some forgotten sin you must have committed. You are not being punished, you are being guided to become the best that you can be. We are never given more than we can handle. The old saying, ‘What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger!’ is so true. We always find a way. We draw on that hidden inner strength. So embrace life and its myriad of challenges and know that we truly are blessed to be here. Use this book with my blessings and I hope it helps you on your pathway.
Preface 7
Contents 9
My Journey 15
Part 1 Understanding what we are... 21
The building blocks of life 23
The aura and chakra systems 27
The seven main chakras and their locations. 29
The first layer or Etheric Body 30
The second layer or the Emotional Body 31
The third layer or the Mental Body 33
The fourth layer or Astral Level 34
The fifth or Etheric Template Body 35
The sixth or the Celestial Body 36
The seventh or Causal Body 37
The seven main chakras 39
Base chakra 40
Sacral chakra 41
Solar Plexus 43
Heart 44
Throat Chakra 45
Third Eye 46
Crown 47
The Major Chakras and their associations in the body. 48
The Lower Chakras 49
Chart showing the minor chakras and their associations in the body. 52
Additional chakras 53
Endocrine glands 56
The Adrenal Glands 56
Our thoughts ...and their real importance! 65
Part 2 Self-help section... 69
Crystals 71
How to use crystals 73
Choosing Crystals 75
Crystals and the Zodiac 75
Caring for your crystals. 78
Programming your crystal 80
Crystal list 81
Agate 81
Amazonite 84
Amber 85
Amethyst 86
Apatite 87
Aquamarine 89
Aragonite 90
Aventurine 91
Azurite 93
Black Tourmaline 94
Bloodstone 95
Calcite 96
Carnelian 99
Celestite 100
Chalcedony 101
Charoite 103
Chrysoprase 104
Citrine 105
Diamond 106
Emerald 107
Fluorite 108
Garnet (red) 110
Hematite 111
Howlite 112
Jasper 113
Kyanite 116
Labradorite 117
Lapis Lazuli 118
Lepidolite 120
Malachite 122
Moonstone 124
Obsidian 125
Onyx 128
Petrified Wood 129
Prehnite 130
Quartz 131
Rhodochrosite 134
Rhodonite 135
Ruby 136
Sodalite 137
Sugilite 138
Sunstone 139
Tiger's Eye 140
Tigers Iron 142
Topaz 143
Unakite 145
Angels, spirit guides and ascended masters 148
Angels 148
Archangel List 150
List of the archangels, their associated crystals and what areas they cover. 158
Spirit guides 160
Ascended masters. 162
Colour Therapy 165
So what exactly is colour? 165
Colour wheel 167
Characteristics of the colours. 168
Red 169
Orange 169
Yellow 170
Green 171
Pale Blue 172
Indigo 172
Violet 173
Other colours of interest in healing. 173
How to use colour in your life for healing. 175
Wearing colour 175
Using coloured water 176
Colour table for physical dis-ease 178
Coloured silks 179
Colour breathing 179
Meditating with colour 182
Visualisation with colour 185
Eating colour 188
Altars 193
Altar examples 202
Meditation 213
Specific meditations for specific healings... 216
Visualisation 228
Gratitude. 236
Well my friends 238

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