Stock Trading Made Simple: How to Trade on the Stock Market
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Stock Trading Made Simple: How to Trade on the Stock Market

The Beginner's Guide
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Sankar Sharma
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Stock Trading Made Simple is packed with actionable, proven tactics to take you from a complete novice with no experience in the stock market to a smart investor who understands how to navigate the complicated world of stock trading. ‘Stock Trading Made Simple’ is a complete handbook for a keen investor.Being a beginner’s guide, it focuses on- A Three-Step Approach to Trading Stocks:How to select potential stocksHow to evaluate those stocks before investingHow to decide when to buy, sell, or hold The Ultimate Toolkit for New Investors:How to develop a strong mindset for making logical decisionsTime-tested methods and processes for profitable tradingThe actual tools used by veteran stock traders Market Secrets of the Pros:How to develop the discipline to stick with your strategyHow to monitor stock performance and identify profitable opportunitiesHow to build a successful portfolio that builds wealth for future generations
TABLE OF CONTENTSChapter 01: Stock Market OverviewChapter 02: Keys to Stock Market SuccessChapter 03: StrategiesChapter 04: Shortlisting StocksChapter 05: Pre-Trade AnalysisChapter 06: Managing MoneyChapter 07: Managing RiskChapter 08: Managing the TradeChapter 09: MindsetChapter 10: Plan, Track and ImproveChapter 11: Achieve Stock Market SuccessChapter 12: AfterwordChapter 13: Bibliography and ReferencesINDEXAbout the AuthorUseful Resources @

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