Breeding Gazelles
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Breeding Gazelles

Fast Growth Strategies For Your Business
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Dan Bradbury
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More revenue, more profit, more time. 
Three things every business owner wants. The challenge is you haven't developed the systems to allow the company to function and scale without you. You struggle to find and hire the right people who can effectively take things off your plate. Growth consumes cash so the end of month pay run is always a little too tight for comfort.

It wasn't meant to be this way.

Breeding Gazelles; Fast Growth Strategies For Your Business has the answers. 

How do you rapidly grow your company without it all being dependant on you?

Dan Bradbury shows you how to:

- Hire 'A' players for a fraction of the price
- Double your sales... in an afternoon!?
- Solve your biggest business problem in half the time
- Implement 5 keys for increasing your cashflow
- Maximise your business valuation prior to an exit
- Increase your sales by 32x in less than 2 years

The level of thinking that got your business to where it is today will not get you where you want to go.
Breeding Gazelles contains interviews with some of the most successful buisness owners in the U.K. on how to avoid the pitfalls of rapid growth whilst maximising the upside.
Preface; Introduction - What is A Gazelle; 1- You Have No Idea What You are doing; Interview with Ryan Deiss; 2- Set For Life; Interview with Sean Greenley; 3 - Critical Elements of Success; Part I - Overview of the Four Principles; Interview with Steve Bolton; 4 - Critical Thinking; Interview with Jay Abraham; 5- Power of Mastermind; Interview with Daniel Priestley; 6 -Deal Flow; 7- The Multiplier Effect; Interview with Rob Moore; 8- ROI; 9 - Financial Analysis;10 - Business Value Maximisation; 11 - Double Your Sales in an Afternoon; 12 - Your Strategic Plan 13 - Culture; 14; Metrics; 15 - One Thing; Conclusion; About the Author

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