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Autor: Mark E. Kann
ISBN-13: 9780814748671
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Punishment, Prisons, and Patriarchy

Liberty and Power in the Early Republic
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Punishment, Prisons, and Patriarchy tells the story of how first-generation Americans coupled their legacy of liberty with a penal philosophy that promoted patriarchy, especially for marginal Americans. American patriots fought a revolution in the name of liberty. Their victory celebrations barely ended before leaders expressed fears that immigrants, African Americans, women, and the lower classes were prone to vice, disorder, and crime. This spurred a generation of penal reformers to promote successfully the most systematic institution ever devised for stripping people of liberty: the penitentiary.Today, Americans laud liberty but few citizens contest the legitimacy of federal, state, and local government authority to incarcerate 2 million people and subject another 4.7 million probationers and parolees to scrutiny, surveillance, and supervision. How did classical liberalism aid in the development of such expansive penal practices in the wake of the War of Independence?
AcknowledgmentsIntroduction Part I Punishment1 Justi?cations for Punishment2 Purposes of Punishment 3 Targets of Punishment Part II Prisons4 Benjamin Rush: Patriarch of Penal Reform 5 The Case against Traditional Punishments 6 Penitentiary Punishment 7 Prison Discipline and Prison Patriarchs 8 Disenchantment 9 Warehousing Marginal Americans Part III Patriarchy10 Concealing Punishment 11 Stretching Patriarchal Political Power Conclusion: Liberty and Power Notes Bibliography Index About the Author

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Autor: Mark E. Kann
ISBN-13 :: 9780814748671
ISBN: 0814748678
Verlag: NYU Press
Seiten: 337
Sprache: Englisch
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