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Autor: Andrew E. Kersten
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Labor's Home Front

The American Federation of Labor during World War II
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One of the oldest, strongest, and largest labor organizations in the U.S., the American Federation of Labor (AFL) had 4 million members in over 20,000 union locals during World War II. The AFL played a key role in wartime production and was a major actor in the contentious relationship between the state, organized labor, and the working class in the 1940s. The war years are pivotal in the history of American labor, but books on the AFL’s experiences are scant, with far more on the radical Congress of Industrial Unions (CIO).Andrew E. Kersten closes this gap with Labor’s Home Front, challenging us to reconsider the AFL and its influence on twentieth-century history. Kersten details the union's contributions to wartime labor relations, its opposition to the open shop movement, divided support for fair employment and equity for women and African American workers, its constant battles with the CIO, and its significant efforts to reshape American society, economics, and politics after the war. Throughout, Kersten frames his narrative with an original, central theme: that despite its conservative nature, the AFL was dramatically transformed during World War II, becoming a more powerful progressive force that pushed for liberal change.
Preface: Labor’s Grave Hour1 The Politics of “Equality of Sacri?ce”: The AFL and Wartime Labor Relations 2 Putting the Shackles on Labor: The AFL and the Fight Against the Open Shop 3 Building Ships for Democracy: The AFL, the Boilermakers, and Wartime Racial Justice in Portland and Providence 4 “Under the Stress of Necessity”: Women and the AFL5 Union Against Union: The AFL and CIO Rivalry 6 Death in the Factories: Worker Safety and the AFL7 Planning America’s Future: The AFL and Postwar Planning Epilogue: Labor’s Moment NotesA Note on Sources Index About the Author

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Autor: Andrew E. Kersten
ISBN-13 :: 9780814748350
ISBN: 081474835X
Verlag: NYU Press
Seiten: 288
Sprache: Englisch
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