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Autor: Zukiswa Wanner
ISBN-13: 9780795703430
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Sprache: Englisch
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The Madams

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This comedy of manners for Mzansi roasts a desirable woman’s lobola’s worth of sacred cows. Middle-class attitudes on hired help, adultery, BEE, child rearing, cultural identity, shopping and HIV-status are lashed by Thandi’s sharp tongue. The Madams reminds us (with tongue firmly in cheek) that nothing is simply black and white: in South Africa or in life
"I am admitting defeat to my hectic schedule. I am giving in to something I thought I would never do. I’m going to hire a maid." And not just any maid … When Thandi decides she’s done with being a Supermom to her five-year-old son, a Superslut to her man and a Superwoman to her staff at the tourism board, she realises she needs to concede to the great South African bourgeois accessory: a maid. And since she doesn’t have the heart to boss a ‘sister’ about in her own home – and would love to see the look on her best friends’ faces – it’s going to have to be a white maid. The arrival of the charming ex-con, Marita, catalyses a chain of events which forces Thandi and her two closest friends to confront their assump tions about relationships, history and each other.

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Autor: Zukiswa Wanner
ISBN-13 :: 9780795703430
ISBN: 0795703430
Verlag: Kwela
Seiten: 209
Sprache: Englisch
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